Amsterdam television station visits Toool meeting

You sometimes have to work hard to make the best of it.

Wednesday evening we were visited by AT5, the local Amsterdam TV
station. The lady doing the interview seemed not really interested and
shot the item on routine. She did not want to learn the names of the
tools and kept referring to them as ‘them little iron thingies’.
I think native Dutch speakers can hear by the tone of her voice how
interested she really was.

As with all media she kept asking about criminals visiting Toool, if
we ever steal bikes etc etc etc. Sigh ….

The item is online at:

Feel free to play it when you are having difficulties getting to sleep.
I guess it can be a great help for people suffering from that.

Still I am glad we do not have Fox news covering the Dutch lockpick scene.

Recently Fox covered lockpicking, saying ‘security experts are
‘ because of free downloadble lockpick video’s that are
available trough youtube. Funny this clip is brought to you by … Youtube!

And a small update regarding the impressioing rush: I am definitely
back to earth. I wasted four blanks on an Abus without opening it. And
the last two tries I really paid attention too.

I had to know what I did wrong and picked the Abus and took it apart.
It seems the combination was real low. The code was 8 9 8 7 6. And I
did impress it right, except for the last pin. That went too deep. Weird.

And just a few minutes ago I did not open an EVVA five pin lock (at
the first try). So it seems like I still got a lot to learn.

Ah well … that is what makes life interesting….

7 Responses to “Amsterdam television station visits Toool meeting”

  1. Barry says:

    Some people have problems viewing my .WMV files. The AT5 clip is now also online at youtube:

  2. Buck-O says:

    Haha, I don’t even speak Dutch (and what Dutch I do know I’ve learned from watching your Toool videos over the years…which i think is kind of funny really), and i could easily tell that the woman was completely uninterested in what you guys where doing. I also had a bit of a laugh at her waving her arm in front of the camera asking about your pick tools, in a somewhat “jerking off” motion, as if to express her feeling of being there, and how she felt doing the “interview” if you can call it that.

    I also watched the fox news video, and was pretty appalled at the way they sensationalized everything. Not that it was a lock picking instructional video, but they where “burglary and robbery training videos”. Once again, anything can be made to sound bad with a little adverse wording.
    At least they got a guy on there was a former thief, who did say that anyone who wants to do it, probably already knows how. But didn’t bother to say (or did and had it edited out) something you have stated MANY MANY times before, if someone is interested in actually burglarizing a residence, brute force is your friend.

    We have a show here in America called “It Takes a Thief” ( where they typically use brute force techniques to break into homes. Alot of people are in uproar about this show too. Because its “training” people how to burglarize. And these so called “security experts” want to keep these techniques a secret. As if to say, what the general public doesn’t know cant hurt them.

    Which I why I fully support Tools stance of open information regarding lock vulnerability. I think its better that people are informed so they can make better choices about their security, rather then living in the lie of safety. And so it disturbs me when i see people so negatively talking about the openness of lock picking. Given the current political climate here in the United States, I think its extremely important that we discuss security openly. Because I believe personal security is one of our greatest freedoms as human beings. And I feel very threatened when the government starts to tell me what I can and can’t know about my own personal safety, and what I can and can’t do with that information.

  3. Barry says:

    Buck-O: well said 😉

  4. TOWCH says:

    What was up with that music? Definely a contrast to Fox’s report.

  5. Barry says:

    TOWCH: You tell me … People were passionately picking the new competion locks, trying to improve the times already set on them or be the first to open a lock. And all she/they could do was edit this boring music underneath the item.

  6. DWizzy says:

    “en ben je nu blij”
    It must be hard to present yourself (and Toool) nicely when a reporter annoys you. I think you managed quite well 🙂

    I don’t know if she was unwilling or to stupid to learn the terminology, or if she perceived it to be too difficult for her viewers.

  7. Eelco says:

    I enjoyed the movie… and actually, I don’t think she was really bored, but merely playing that role. The music, and her tone of voice, give the whole item a seemingly nonchalant atmosphere – and I guess that’s exactly what they want for this ‘Kort Amsterdam’. Like… ‘Man bijt hond’.

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