More impressioning

I must admit you almost lost me. I became a poker addict and was
sucked into the wonderful world of online poker.

However, visiting Oli this week changed my ‘poker mode’ into an
‘impressioning mode’. Impressioning is at least as addictive as poker.

Yesterday evening I practised some more, opening DOM and Nemef (both
five pin locks) and … a ‘cross key lock’.

cross key

These cross key locks normally are easy to bypass with a special tool.
However, there is a new range of locks with a so called ‘profile latch’.
Instead of a ‘cross’ the key’s profile looks more like a little swastika.

Since bumping does not work on this lock (because of a loose core’) I
was focused on impressioning it. To get the first marks on the lock
was not easy, but after that it showed it’s marks relatively easy.

The lock I opened at the first try was a LIPS. My second try on an
Ikon lock did not get me my ‘starter marks’. Since I only had two
blanks that was the end of the exercise ….

5 Responses to “More impressioning”

  1. Frank says:

    Don’t get sucked back to the poker universe again…
    Waste of valuable lifetime and (possibly) money that can better be invested into new blanks 😉

  2. Ed says:

    Interesting to see your attempts on impressioning these locks. I have had a go myself, but not been very successful so far. However, the locks I have attempted are 9(3X3) pin, with upper pin being a mushroom. Does your locks also have mushroom upper pins, or are they solid? After dismantling the lock, i noticed that the key had four cuts, but only thee were in use, depending on what side the key was inserted from. You also referred to a simple bypass-tool. Is this the cross-pick made by 3-4 thin wires and a tension tool, or something else? Answers would be most appreciated, as I have spent a few hours on several of these locks for the last days…

  3. Barry says:

    ed: How well are you with impressioning other locks? It does require some basic knowledge to do it. Also I found that most success is made with my ‘TL’ lamp. As Oli wrote in his book, the ‘indirect licht’ from the round tube shows marks best. I did not continue impressioning these locks anymore but will try some more in the weeks to come…

  4. Ed says:

    Thank you, barry, for your reply. I am familiar with impressioning regular 5-7 pin pin tumbler locks. And also auto-impressioning on others. However, i found this lock awkward to find the starting points on, as you mentioned as well. My lock is a TrioVing. It should also work well with auto-impressioing. But so far, the foil has given in the wrong places. Picking with a hand-pick is not very successful, neither. The spool-pins are very fragile, and tend to break under little pressure. This gives a malfunction in the lock. Luckily, I have several to choose from.
    Sorry for repeating my question, but do you know if your lock has spool pins? I believe some of these locks are made with regular pins, as the diameter is approx 2mm.
    I also have some other ideas on how to impression these locks. If they should work well, I will send you a mail and a picture.

  5. […] it reflects the state of the art in locks at that time. The Hagelin is equipped with an Ikon ‘cross beard’ lock. Often at these kind of devices you see the serial number is stamped into the key. Besides the lock […]