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Hackerhotel 2024: Opening electronic safe locks with Ketchup and Lasers

Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Hi all, I would like to share a presentation I’ve worked on for quite a while. The talks were on electronic safe locks, and a starting point for lockpickers to get into picking electronic locks. For Hackerhotel 2024 I’ve decided to create a summarized version to inspire others to pursuit electronic security research, and apply the knowledge on electronic locks.

The talk, linked below, has two main topics; Opening electronic locks with Ketchup, so-called liquid spiking, and attempts in reading the memory of the 8051 chip in the early Kaba-mas X0 locks. X07 to X09, specifically. When I find time, I’ll work both into a series of blog posts as well, but no promises.

If after this presentation you like an idea of other talks at Hackerhotel, there are some great ones. Walter presented about Lucid dreaming, and Chantal and Nancy discussed what man can do to promote diversity in the workspace. Women in tech, specifically.

CCBY4.0 Jan-Willem Markus Toool Blackbag