Amsterdam proves to have a mayor with a vision …

Ever since we heard about the re-certification of the SDU voting computers
we have been working real hard to prepare some counter actions.


And the press is still on the subject, as well as some members of parliament.

All this activity did not go unnoticed to the mayor of Amsterdam. In all his
wisdom he decided it was a bad idea to bet on the SDU voting computers being
re-certified on time for the coming local elections. So Amsterdam will vote
with paper ballots. Just like it is supposed to be!

A wise decision if you ask me. I am glad Amsterdam remains the bastille of
verifiable elections this way. Let’s see what happens in the days to come …

One Response to “Amsterdam proves to have a mayor with a vision …”

  1. colin says:

    hi barry, great blog!
    thought you would be interested in this link about the diebold voting machines in the US.
    they picked the locks and reinstalled vote rigging software.