Competition locks from Spain and Israel

Shahar from Israel mailed me and asked if we were interested in Israeli
locks for the competition. A silly question: Of course we are!

competition locks 2007

He was very kind and to send us nine (!) locks. All very nice ones
too. As you can see on the image the brands are: Peled, Yardeni,
Nabob, Mul-T-Lock and ‘5:5’. Some of these brands I have heard of
before but never had the pleasure of picking them, while others are
completely new to me.

El_Gorgon from Spain send us an odd looking oval lock. It is the
middle lock on the picture above. The brand name is CVL (Cerrajera
Valle Leniz) and is also completely new to me.

Thanks a lot for sending the locks in El_Gorgon and Shahar!

I am looking very forward trying to pick these locks January 3…

4 Responses to “Competition locks from Spain and Israel”

  1. DMUX says:

    barry I hope you win, after all your nick name is “the key” and we all dont want you to lose that title and be called “the spare key” or something

    hopefully you have video coverage of the event

  2. Josh Nekrep says:

    Is it just me, or is the 3rd one from the left called a “Nabob”? I thought they made coffee. 🙂


  3. Myron says:

    I just had my locksmith install a “Mul-T-Lock” on my door. After he left, I noticed it wasn’t a “Mul-T-Lock” at all but was an Israeli lock named “Nabob”. As I already filled-in the security card, he won’t give me the lock I asked, for so I’m stuck with the “Nabob”. So yes, it does exist. I am unsure if the lock is as good as the “Mult-T-Lock”.

  4. hi i was wondering how could i get my hands on some locks from isreal i have been a locksmith for sometime and
    im pretty good at lock picking i live in Burlington ,Ontario CANADA