Anthony Fox: Probably the most fair person on the planet

Is this cool or what ?!?

A little while ago a good friend informed me about a ‘must have’ lock that was for sale on e-bay. It was a large unique masterpiece lock made out of plexiglass. It is the kind of lock you normally only see at trade shows, and I am quite sure that this is the reason the lock was ever made in the first place.

Anthony Fox aka Lordfairfox

Anthony Fox aka Lordfairfox

As I said, the lock is a masterpiece! It comes with two keys: one ‘normal’ dimple key (including the famous DOM ball) and one ‘split key’ that consists of two parts. The idea behind it is that if two people have one half of the key they can only open the lock when they are together. A nice idea and a piece of art if you see it magnified in plexiglass ….

The moment I saw the first images this lock I immediately clicked the ‘buy now’ option and paid with trembling fingers …. this lock is cool 🙂 Communication with seller “lordfairfox” (aka Anthony Fox) went smooth. He did send the lock straight away and when I received it in good order I send him a nice ‘thank you’ mail. He did reply me to following: “A gentleman from the Netherlands offered me 1,500 euros for it when the listing was finished! I was tempted but could not go back on our deal. I hope you enjoy your lock”.

I later learned the identity of this mysterious person who made the offer, and know for a fact Anthony spoke the truth. To me Anthony proved to be worthy of his nick ‘Lord Fair Fox’! And with this post I would like to thank him and make sure many people will enjoy looking at it and playing with this remarkable lock at the HAR conference!

And speaking of HAR: Today is the last day you can order tickets for the ‘pre-sale’ price. I am working on a somewhat long and hopefully inspiring piece of text for HAR, but lack inspiration 🙂 But for now I can only direct you to the HAR WIKI to read about the lockpick village …. Hopefully inspiration comes quickly. There will be an update in a couple of days …

Detailed information on the lock and it’s security features can be found on page 11 on Han Fey’s excellent article on DOM IX (PDF) .

4 Responses to “Anthony Fox: Probably the most fair person on the planet”

  1. WolfDog says:

    Any chance you can shed some light on what a DOM ball is, and what it does.

  2. Barry says:

    WolfDog: You are right … sorry I forgot to mention it. Just edited my posting and added a link to Han Fey his DOM IX article on the Toool site : (the split key and ‘ball’ function are mentioned at page 11)

  3. WolfDog says:

    Thanks for that.

  4. Raf says:

    Great looking lock and a true gentlemen. nice one!