Lost & Found: depths and spacings list

Always wanted to know the exact spacing en depths of one of the
following locks? : Arrow, Corbin, Dexter, Emhart, Falcon, Ilco,
Kaba, Kwikset, Lockwood, Medeco, Medeco Biaxial, Medeco Keymark,
Russwin, Sargent, Schlage, Segal, System 70, Weiser, Weslock or Yale

Too bad. The site hosting this wealth of information decided to remove it.

Due to


Fortunately there is http://www.archive.org and the ‘wayback machine’. There is no escape …
Just try: http://web.archive.org/web/20050215102400/http://dlaco.com/spacing/spacing.htm

Or download a .PDF file with the exact spacings here.

3 Responses to “Lost & Found: depths and spacings list”

  1. seanrox says:

    Barry, you’re always a wealth of information. Thanks again.

    Archive.org is good for many things such as this however there are ways so people can’t see things via the wayback machine but if they can’t figure it out, I’m not saying 🙂

    Yay technology!

  2. Nick Zakowski says:


    Do keep in mind that if the info there is used for anything other than bump keys some of the info is incorrect such as the yale MACS and schlage MACS. This is just something I found with a quick look at it so there very well could be more errors.


  3. Barry says:

    Seanrox: Archive.org rocks! I am proud to have helped them set up a part of their network in Amsterdam. Great people with great vision.

    Nick: Thanks! Someone noticed the info was gone, and I have no idea how accurate the data is. Thanks for keeping an eye out 😉

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