Victory … or at least some Victory

No need to identify what keys are used by the SDU voting computer anymore …

stemmen doe je op papier

Today was a bizarre day. We knew the minister would come with a
statement about voting computers, but had no idea about the
content. And the news he brought came as a shock. A shock to us and a
shock to the public. He announced all SDU newvote voting computers are
banned for elections as of now! The reason for this is that the
screens of these devices leak radio signals, strong enough so anybody
with a simple receiver and readily available tools can reconstruct
what parties people vote on. And this signal is strong enough to be
received tens of meters away!

We already showed that the other voting computers (Nedap) also
leaks radio signals, and we could identify from that if someone voted
for the Christen Democrates or some other party. But with SDU newvote
things seem even worse. The end result is that the minister banned the
SDU Voting computers and in Amsterdam where I live we will now vote
with our trusworthy paper and pencil. This is an unbelievable success and
dominated the Dutch news today. All news programs had it as their
first item, and the complete country is in shock. And so am I a little…

Some of todays news videos can be found here, here and here.

3 Responses to “Victory … or at least some Victory”

  1. Grayson says:

    Congratulations, Barry! It may not have been the locks that brought them down, but you guys still get a legitimate vote, which is great. Now, if only we could get a legitimate vote here in America…

  2. Nick Zakowski says:

    How about the old reliable method of punching a piece of paper Barry 😉 . Seems to be more secure to me.

  3. Buck-O says:

    Wow, thats awesome news. Hopfully you dont have the problems in the Netherlands, like we seem to have here in Washington State, and Florida when it comes to the counting and handling paper ballots, and crooked voting officials swaying tword their parties requests.

    I think this is a HUGE step in the right direction, and i hope that the US media picks up on this story, and reports it, because i think this is important for democratic governments around the world to realize that some old world methods need to stay old world methods, and technology isnt the panacea they all hope it will be.

    Of course that will never happen, becuase since when does a US journalism outfit care what the Dutch do with their voting machines. Probibly never…but nothing wrong with wishful thinking.

    Best of luck with you and your countrymen on your next election.

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