Viola … sweet activist!

All over Amsterdam billboards are popping up saying: “from now on, all that deserve PUNISHMENT will get PUNISHED”. It is a ridiculous poster by the Dutch VVD political party. And good old Viola did not like to see the threatening words ‘punishment’ and ‘punished’ all over the place and decided to fix the problem. She made prints with the words ‘something sweet’ and put them over the billboards. So now it says: “From now on, all that deserve SOMETHING SWEET will get SOMETHING SWEET”.

Isn’t she sweet?

(Dutch video about Viola below, and she also made the Dutch newspapers)

5 Responses to “Viola … sweet activist!”

  1. NKT says:

    Good going!

    Personally I hate the hundreds of negative and aggressive adverts for and from the government in the UK. Threats that “You are in the database”, “You cannot hide” and “cracking down” are under way have, I feel, a corrosive effect. I simply turn them off. Viola has come up with a better way!

    (And let’s not get into a debate over who deserves punishment for what – are VVD a pro-S&M party? Is it even that good a party to bother getting all dressed up for?)

  2. Jos Weyers says:

    I think “Uncategorized” is indeed the only fitting tag for this sweetie. :o)

  3. eyes_only says:

    Whats the name of the song and artist for the music that was playing in the background of this video?

  4. Schuyler says:

    Nice work Viola! Periodically the Boston T will blast public service announcements over their M.A.S.H.-like loudspeakers, encouraging everyone to “keep an eye on each other”

    Not as aggressive, to be sure, but unsettlingly conspiratorial, and a real downer on the commute

  5. Sandor says:

    Groot gelijk. Ik heb me ook super geirriteerd aan die posters. Jammer dat ze gelijk weer weggehaald werden.