Toool.US – World domination 2009

WOW. When we set up a couple of years ago we could not have
imagined to be where we are now. Lots of people know about our crazy
hobby and passion for locks. And it is good to see our positive
attitude attracts people with the same open mindset. Currently some
very capable and trustworthy people are setting up Toool lockpick
sport clubs in the US. They are very aware of the pitfalls on the
road, and I am sure they will do fine.

They sure know how to build a website and give structure to a club.
Check out the site of Toool.US that went live today!


I am real curious where this is heading…. World domination 2009?!?

To be continued …

5 Responses to “Toool.US – World domination 2009”

  1. seanrox says:

    This is exciting news Barry. I would love to have a official local group in my area on the West Coast. We already have unofficial lock workshops weekly (a group of friends and I) and we plan on actually doing some demos for the upcoming 2600 meet this Friday.

    World Domination in 2009? Nope, I say it’s coming in early 2007 🙂

  2. Barry says:

    seanrox: Glad you realize it is a joke. I hope by 2009 to finally have a Toool member win our own Dutch Open…

  3. seanrox says:

    Indeed Barry I got the joke. That would be great if a Toool member would win the Dutch Open. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂

  4. JC says:

    Nice! A pretty clean and neat Joomla CMS template. Only drawback is that you almost always recognise a joomla for being a joomla… But then again, that’s only for those working with that content management system regularly. Kind of like experienced tooolers looking at a lock…

  5. Schuyler says:

    JC – 😉 Good call.

    For it’s price (hehe) speed to publish, and broad accessibility, Joomla definately seemed like the right choice for us. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the output. We’ll see how it holds up! I’m very interested in applying my more legitimate web design skills at some point for Toool, but I’m pretty satisfied with the current site. Mostly just glad to have a public face for the organization!