From Russia with … love ?!?

We sometimes feel we have a Russian fanclub.

But to be honest, the people behind are interesting and ok.
They did put a lot of time and energy in learning to bump locks
themselves, and even bumped locks I had never heard of. Their online
video library is impressive and worth visiting.

consumer reportski

Their motivation to learn and share is sometimes a little over the
top. They shamelessly copy and translate in to Russian everything from
our website. And I mean everything. The complete spoken text of the
‘what the hack’ bumpkey presentation (two hours!) was translated in
Russian and transcribed. Pretty mind boggling to read your own words
in Russian. And I do not even read Russian! I hope they did a better job then
ripping our ‘consumer reports’ report apart. Hours after the results
came out it was translated in Russian and available on their site. We
noticed it was not a one-on-one copy but a modified one. Instead of
the 80 (or so) locks we tested, their list contained over 100 locks. Every
lock we did not open in the test they kindly ‘re-tested’ for us and
mixed in some popular Russian brands as well. So instead of having an
80% success rate with our test their copy of the article had a 120%
one. But still I believe their intentions are ok and they mean well.

So far they have not translated my weblog yet. If they ever do I am
curious how this article will come out …

2 Responses to “From Russia with … love ?!?”

  1. seanrox says:

    That’s reayy interesting. Did they let you know or did someone else bring it to your attention?

    Like you said, this could be a good thing with good intentions to help expand the learning process or maybe not. Only time will tell I guess.

    Since I don’t read Russian, did they at least give you and Toool some credit in their revised presentations?

  2. Barry says:

    Seanrox: there was some contact. Let’s just say there was a language barrier of some sort…