Fair warning for those playing with magnets …

I remember when someone first showed me a ‘todesmagnet‘ (magnet of death) and warned me it was a real dangerous item. Dangerous because it could open (older generation) Winkhaus Bluechip locks, but even more dangerous because you could get really hurt if your finders ever came between the magnet and something metal.

auw :(

Yesterday my good friend Rop mailed me a link to a story by someone who had a ‘small accident’ with magnets that were even more powerful as the todesmagnet. And that person had to pay dearly for his mistake. The image above shows you two magnets with the remaining of his fingertip in between. Click the image to read what happened to him when he was playing with heavy magnets. Only click it when you don’t have a weak stomach (or just had lunch).

6 Responses to “Fair warning for those playing with magnets …”

  1. eyes_only says:

    Man, scary stuff. I was actually playing around with the idea of getting one of those magnets but not anymore. Thanks for the info.

  2. Martijn says:

    Ugh! That’s nasty :p.

  3. jord says:

    Oeps I don’t like the experience this, I have two todesmagnets in my workshop that are connected together I will be careful when I take them apart.

  4. John C says:

    He has indeed been very lucky. These magnets are also prone to shattering with great force. They should be treated with the UTMOST respect at ALL times.

  5. NKT says:

    John, I’d not say “very lucky”! However, yes, those high powered magnets have enough force behind them to shatter and send chips across the room at speed. ALWAYS wear (safety) glasses when working with them.

    These were apparently half a metre apart when they flew together. That is an enormous power for a magnet. I have several that will jump a few inches or repel through a table, but nothing in that league!

    Personally, I prefer electromagnets. They have an “off” switch!

  6. “Personally, I prefer electromagnets. They have an “off” switch!”

    ..and better back-EMF 😉