Opening a magnetic lock using … a teddybear ?!?

This week a story about less dangerous magnets 🙂

I was in Spain last week and when I visited a lockshop the owner gave me a small present. It is a lock I knew for a while (named Disec), yet it’s a lock I never managed to get my hands on.

The DiSec shield is a lock that is mounted over your euro profile cylinder, protecting it against vandalism and unathorized opening attempts (like bumping, breaking and drilling). It is the kind of extra protection I like in a lock.

I was in Spain because we had a booth with CryptoPhone at the 3GSM tradeshow. During the slow hours I always like to quickscan the show to see what is new in telecomland, and collect some gadgets and gifts for the kids. One of the gifts I collected was a small teddybear (or is it a cat?) that has a small magnet in it’s head.

It did not take me long to rub the magnetic part of the bear’s head against the lock, and opened the lock in just a couple of minutes. The technique I used can be considered ‘raking’, and requires some skill and luck. The skill in this case being able to control the amount of tension on the shield while jiggling, as well as varying in speed and rotation with the magnet. But without a little luck the lock remains closed …

I did shoot some video for you, showing how I opened the lock. After opening, I did disassemble the lock and key a little.

And there are people who do not use raking but actually pick the lock (youtube) in a more clever (but less fun?) way ….

On my way to CeBit now. Lets see what kind of gifts I collect there that can be used to open locks 😉

7 Responses to “Opening a magnetic lock using … a teddybear ?!?”

  1. you literally DiSected that lock? 😀

    Neat little locking device, but too easy to open it seems.

  2. mh says:

    It’s interesting to see how each and every product that competes(*) with the Geminy shield gets their Youtube video and their Wendt tool… In this case see the MAGNET-DEC product at


    (*) or should not be used without one like the Protec Euro cylinder

  3. Barry says:

    What are you insinuating MH? 😉

  4. Squelchtone says:

    Very nice improvised method Barry!

    I wonder if iron shavings would stick to the front of the lock and show the location of the magnets?

    If they would stick, then you could carry with you a stack of magnets and place them where the shavings stuck the most, as long as gravity does not make them slide down and fall off.

    Can you try this out and tell us?

    keep up the good work and fun videos.

  5. Squelchtone, did you watch that YouTube video? I don’t recall the products name, but they used that shows-magnetic-field-lines-plastic-film to find the sweet spots 🙂

  6. Parautoptic says:

    Is this a cat-burglar ?