Not losing any sleep ehrm ?!?

Pffftttt …. just a few days till the Essen Security show and LockCon, and I am already wasted. Lots of things are going right. And we got more support in organizing this event then ever before, but unfortunately there are also some things that don’t go right:

The worst one that gives me a small headache: the privileges we used to have at the hostel are melting away. A new and more expensive building, and new management that does not know us make life a little difficult. But we will all do our best to make the best of it.

Something else: St.John just mailed me about the Lab and Fee not in time for LockCon. He mailed: “The tools are now being made but unfortunately they won’t be ready for Sneek. I really tried my best but finding the right guys with the right machines took a bit of time. The tool we have designed is a pin and cam with changeable tips so that it can be used for quite a few different locks. Fingers crossed I will have a sample for Sneek (they are making the sample now and I have to ok it before the CNC production run), it should arrive any day this week. Finished items will likely arrive within the next 2-3 weeks. If you want I will send them out to the people who do the class as soon as I get them. This is the best I can do but if you think it is acceptable I think the people will be very happy as the design is very nice.”

Not to mention that for the last 5 hours orso, I have been trying to edit the video of the impression championships in Cologne. But somehow I run into black-magic voodoo bugs and can’t get the audio to be in sync. Very frustrating and I just made the decision to quit video-editing for now and just type this posting and share my feelings with you …

And about Lockcon: We will make the best of it, and I am convinced people will have a hell of a time! (as always …)

But personally I will be happy when it’s Sunday this time next week 😉

6 Responses to “Not losing any sleep ehrm ?!?”

  1. NKT says:

    It’s getting close now!

    I’ve spent some time getting my talk ready, and there is plenty to cover, it should be a good primer for everyone, and also still hold the interest of those who already know a bit about the lever locks.

    If you need any more cylinders for the contest or indeed any other bits) let me know. I’m bringing lots of lever locks for people to poke, prod and perhaps buy, too.

    4 days and counting! 😀

  2. mh says:

    I hope there will be no No-Filing-In-The-Meeting-Rooms policy ?!?! :-/

  3. mh says:

    Just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” for organizing LockCon 2008, it was really a great event! (need to catch some sleep now…)

  4. I read “Not losing any sheep ehrm?!?”

    Shame I couldn@t go.

  5. After catching up a lot of sleep, I can only say: WOW, what an event!

    As you said: “We will make the best of it, and I am convinced people will have a hell of a time! (as always …)”

    And it surely was a hell of a time. Sneek/LockCon is getting better and better every year.
    Oh, and again congratulations! You now may call youself “Impressioning-Master of the universe”!

  6. JackNco says:

    I have been waiting for a post about the event to comment, but yes it was an incredible weekend. I had forgotten how much fun competing was.