What to write?

The more busy I am, the less time for you, loyal visitors of the blackbag weblog.

Most people think I am busy full time with organizing LockCon these days, but that is not true. More and more Han and I are being invited by people and organizations all around the globe, and this weekend was no exception. Sometimes we are invited by manufacturers to test their locks, or because we found a flaw in it, on other cases organizations want us to teach courses and classes. We traveled quite far this weekend, and had a very intense but interesting time.

The funny thing is all the people that invite us have something in common: they love to read the latest news on this blog, but prefer not to be mentioned on it.

It will be a great relief when we have LockCon in 10 days orso. An event we can write about in full 😉

2 Responses to “What to write?”

  1. Hey Barry,
    I have been having the same problem due to the fact that I have limited resources for writing an S&G article about the 833.

    Good luck on gathering some info at lockcon for the blog.

  2. Lewis says:

    Time waits for no man does it, Unless of course that man is chuck norris 😉

    Good luck barry, we all appreciate your work efforts.