Lab and Fee

We are getting a better and better idea about the safe-tech corner at LockCon. The latest suggestion from St. John Goldfinger is to have a small pin-and-cam(wmv) system made especially for the presentation at LockCon. This system will of course only open one specific kind of (popular UK) safe lock, and it will be ideal for study, demonstration and practicing the pin and cam system. The fee for this pin and cam tool will be 100 euro or less (including the safe lock). Of course there will be some of these tools be available to play with for people who can not afford to buy one or do not want to make the investment.

Time is running out, and preferably St. John, Paul and Jord would like to hear from you asap if you want to accept their offer for ‘lab and fee’.

What we also determined is what kind of locks we will use at the lockpick championships on sunday. This will be a mixture of popular Dutch locks. The locks were collected from Rob Zomer’s 24-hour lock service, and I will make sure the locks are clean and tested.

As I am busy with 1001 things … sorry for the short posting …

12 Responses to “Lab and Fee”

  1. rukwind says:

    ‘lab and fee’ is a YES!

  2. stjohn goldfinger says:

    Hi Guys,
    just a quick post to give some more info. It is our intention to give a talk detailing the theory and practice of lever lock picking. The theory will encompass a wide range of the concepts involved so you can better understand the practical application of those techniques. We thought it would be a good idea to let you apply some of those new ideas you have picked up (after our great talk) and now be itching to try out.

    Following on from the great success of Paul’s manipulation lab class we are going to try and provide you with a common 7 lever safe lock and a pin and cam system. We will show you how to use the system and you will pick the lock.

    We need you to express your interest and book this up now. The cost will be 100 euros. There are a lot of things to organise for this lab class (namely getting all the pin and cam tools and the locks) not including the talk. If you want to participate and book your seat please send me an email with your details asap:

    and I will pass these on to Barry. The success of this Lab depends upon your booking up now!

    many thanks,

  3. JackNco says:

    Hey St.John

    I was one of the other brits at the open last year and im eager to see how things age going for you 12 months on. Could you clear up a couple of questions for me?

    Are you doing a separate open talk for everyone on the tools & techniques and then offering a class after with the option of buying the tool or is it a simple buy in to a talk and walking away with a PnC and a lock? How many places are available for the class btw?

    Lever locks in general are something I dont know as much about as I would like to. But safe locks are where my interest lies at this point. Is the safe lock you mention just a matter or what is available or is the tool aimed at a specific lock(s) or possibly a range of locks that use very similar levers? Im sorry if that seems like a stupid question I was just wondering.

    All the best

    John AKA JackNco

  4. mh says:

    Hi St.john,

    The Chubb 110 p&c tool (in the video in Barry’s blog entry) looks impressive and is very nicely made and finished, and probably way more expensive – maybe you could explain a bit more about the style of the tools you plan to have made?


  5. Sounds interesting… that said, it seems to me like the pin & cam technique demonstrated in the video is a little off.

  6. stjohn goldfinger says:

    Hi Guys,
    give me a little time and we will get the details hammered out and I will post them up here…

    Any specific questions please feel free to email me.


  7. Nigel says:

    To defend Paul W. that was an impromptu demonstration on a sofa, without a vice to hold the lock, showing how to use a two handed tool while holding the lock. Believe me, you’d be there for days trying to actually open that lock like that without the spyhole. Even under best circumstances you are looking at around 15 minutes up to about an hour.

    A Pin & Cam seems like overkill for a 7 lever “standard” safe lock. You should really be popping those open in 5 minutes with a 2-in-1 or even wires. You only use P&C for things that are hard to pick.

  8. Barry says:

    I agree with Nigel. Under the circumstances it was a pretty good demo 😉

    And I hope we can end this discussion here and focus on LockCon …

  9. I’m not sure if my budget can handle that workshop, so have to skip this offer probably 🙁

  10. henk says:

    Defenitely a yes,I will participate!!!!

  11. Hah, don’t need to skip this lab, got funding 😛

  12. Jord Knaap says:

    Hi Guys,
    We paul and my self are working very hard to get cut a way locks ready
    for sneek, it looks all very good.
    We are hoping to get a few webcam working with the big beamer in the class room.
    Made a few nice hobbs hooks for the job.
    If any one of you have nice hobbs hooks bring them to sneek we can look at them and to have a discustion abaut it,

    See you soon Jord