LockCon logo

It is straight forward yet elegant … the new LockCon logo is here (thanks to Charlotte Wels):

LockCon logo

The idea is to have LockCon t-shirt (and other merchandise) made, as well as a special edition t-shirt for people who do some volunteer jobs….

6 Responses to “LockCon logo”

  1. Han Fey says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    Nice design. It has my approval.


  2. henk says:

    Looking very nice,a job welldone!!

  3. Ad in the the same theme as TOOOL logo, very nice 🙂

  4. JackNco says:

    very cool looking. nice job


  5. Squelchtone says:

    Very nice design! Will swag and t-shirts be available for those of use unable to make it to Sneek this year?

  6. Jonathan says:

    Hey Barry I like the LockCon logo. When will blackbag be getting its new or the old TOOOL favicon? I like the pages in my favorites to have a favicon idk its my peeve.