13 song’s tool

It is a funny company name, 13 song’s tool.

But these Korean people know what they are doing. Their website is
simple and basic, and I only recognized the quality of their tools
when I met them a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas.

They developed some nice and elegant picktools for the most modern
‘laser track’ car locks. The tool on the images is for opening Opel locks.

opel pick by 13 songs tool

More close up, high resolution images of the tool can be found here (zip 4 Mb)

close up of 13 songs toool 

I like their design of the hollow car key with the drilled holes. This
will prevent you from from slipping between the levers while picking.

All I need now is some Opel locks to start practising …

7 Responses to “13 song’s tool”

  1. martin says:

    nice looking piece of equipment,great blog very interesting,love your vids wathched them all. thanks goes out to barry and mark excellent. have a good day martin. uk

  2. André says:

    First, very interesting blog!

    Very nice tool! Do you have one of these? I could contribute an Opel doorlock.


  3. Barry says:

    André: Yes, I bought one. Unfortunately the Mercedes and BMW sold out
    at ALOA. As a collector of lock opening tools I am thinking of
    ordering them anyway…

    What type of Opel lock do you have (access to)?

  4. André says:

    Hi! I have one Opel lock from a Opel Vectra A, this one: http://www.gallery.matuschek.org/index.php?album=Lockpick%2F&pic=Opel+T%FCre.jpg
    An my car is a Opel Vectra B, which has the same or a similar lock. Are you in Cologne (Köln Kalk) early in september? There we could try your tool.


  5. Barry says:

    André: Yes, I will be in Cologne and bring the tool of course.
    Looking forward to finally pick a lock with it. See you there!

  6. André says:

    Barry: I just returned from the junkyard. It took me two hours to screw off some car-locks: One Opel Astra, one Opel Vectra, one Opel Corsa, one mercedes E180, one BMW and two Ford. I’ll bring them to cologne!


  7. Barry says:

    André: Great! Thanks for all your efforts!
    I will bring the tool to cologne, and my video-camera so other people can see the results of our experiments…