Hope number six pickset

The Hope number six conference in New York is great and it is a pitty
today is the last day.

The lockpick workshop with Marc Tobias went ok. Not the best ever (due
to bad video display) but it still went fine.


(Image by Jake Appelbaum)                       The conference deserves
a compliment for outsourcing the camera work to www.ncrsusa.com.
Trough magic these folks sell a DVD of the presentation the moment it
is finished. And for just $10. A great service. It is nice to hear the
lockpick workshop sells real well. I did not have time to visit all
the presentation I wanted to see so I bought some DVD’s myself.

At hope number six there are lots of nice people who are into locks,
and there even is a complete lockpick village set up. But more about
that later.

And I wanted to share the design of our new pickset. It was made to my
specifications, and people who know me will tell you I like
hook/finger picks. The more finger shapes and sizes the better. But
you can not live without rakes for speed-opening, so I threw in a
couple of them too. And four different size tensioner ends on the
classic Toool tensioners. 

hope number six pickset

The steel if the best material I have seen so far. Thin yet very strong.

Hope vistors seem happy with it. And so am I ….

14 Responses to “Hope number six pickset”

  1. seanrox says:

    Hi Barry. I was unable to get out to New York, so I missed your presentation. Sounds like it was a good time for all. Will you be offering your new design set on your site or blog? Feel free to contact me off forum/blog.

  2. eric says:

    hey barry.
    i’m still going to keep my word about sending you that money for the two sets i bought on the sunday of the con.. it’s just taking me a little longer than i thought because after the con i was severely in debt to my bank. but i will absolutely get your money to you.

  3. ErikDH says:

    Hey Barry,
    Is there any way to buy/download the DVD from this lockpick workshop?

  4. Barry says:

    ErikDH: You could try at the folks from http://www.ncrsusa.com/
    I think they offer all DVD’s of the Hope number six conference, including the lockpick workshop. Unfortuntely the presentation will not be online from the Toool sites…

  5. kepi blanc says:


    I was HOPE Number Six, but I was too busy displaying my own locks at the lockpick village to attend your lockpick workshop on the 18th floor. How much new material have you added since the previous HOPE Number Five?

  6. Kenny says:

    Were these for sale at HOPE ? Can they still be purchased?

  7. Barry says:

    Kepi: I can send you a copy of the DVD if you like so you can see for yourself? Thanks for making ‘lockpick village’ such a succes at Hope!

  8. Barry says:

    Kenny: They were for sale on Hope, and I did bring a few back to Amsterdam. They will only be for sale at Toool club evenings. Sorry, no mail orders …

  9. Sai says:

    Barry –

    Could you perhaps, instead of the video of the presentation, post the PPT & speaker’s notes?


  10. Barry says:

    Sai: Let me think about that ….

  11. Gary says:

    I would be very interested in a set of those beautiful Hope six set. With any name would be wonderful example of fine machining. Something every one will appereciate.
    Gary Misbach
    105 sw first Ave #9
    John Day Oregon 97845-1063

  12. WaltDe says:

    Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

  13. DMUX says:

    I still keep searching for these

  14. Steve New says:

    Hi Barry, If the Hope pick sets are only available at Toool club evenings, are there clubs in France?