The new NDE magazine

The new NDE magazine is out. For the real die-hards nothing new, it has been out for a few days now.

NDE magazine

But it is good to see the quality of the magazine getting better and better with each new number coming out. And it gives me a god feeling to see Schuyler doing so well. He came up with a crazy idea (NDE magazine) and instead of just talking about it simply executed his plan. And it seems he was able to find the right people to support him. I am curious where this will go to as it has the potential to get really big (with locksport getting big aswell). It brings back memories from a time I was involved in a small magazine that had trouble getting new numbers out in time ….

I surely enjoyed reading the ‘Medecoder’ story, and the tension they are building up, not to mention the fact Medeco is changing their production because of it. Something very special has been achieved with that! And to finally see Jaakko Fagerlund’s exploit against Abus Plus series out in the open. The rest you will have to read yourelf, but it is a must read for visitors of this blog.

On a personal level: I am done writing long pieces of text under time pressure. First there was the deadline on the foreword of Marc Tobias his book, and on Saturday I finally completed the article for 2600 magazine. The article came out nice, and is an introduction to my presentation at the ‘final hope‘ conference that will be about “high security key duplication”.

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  1. The magazine looks extremely good when printeed on paper or viewed in a PDF reader so that you see two pages side by side (just because of that centerfold photo) 🙂

    JK has really made wonderful job and thanks to John for introducing the Ingersoll lock, it was nice with lots of good quality pictures.

    Also very good idea was to offer the photos in full resolution for download 🙂

    Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Well.. I agree.. it’s really good to know that the magazine industry is now on its way up. I’ve seen the images as well and I think it will be more interesting to read. It’s been a while since I read a good magazine =)

  3. Schuyler says:

    Wow, thank you, Barry! Means a lot coming from you.

    We’ll be releasing a “3.5” issue around the time of HOPE with follow-ups to Jon King’s article, John Naughton’s article on Ingersoll, and, we believe, some additional information one of our authors has culled on some of Medeco’s hardware.

    Issue 4 is aimed for release at DEFCON 16 to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and looks to be pretty big as well. There will be a couple of articles continuing our recent theme of the community working together with lock manufacturers. I’m also pleased to mention that we’re working on an article with John Loughlin of the RKS as well.

    Thanks again for the mention, Barry!

  4. Wow, thanks for blogging the magazine Barry! I can’t wait to finally meet you at HOPE and to see your talk. The meeting with Medeco/Peter, Schuyler, and myself was excellent and I’m impressed by their response. Between this and Marc’s book, the next few months are going to be very interesting and exciting indeed 🙂

  5. Schuyler says:

    Oh – and I should mention – if it weren’t for your getting Peter Fields to Holland last year, the Medecoder may have gone in a very different direction. And thanks to Han for putting me back in touch with Peter and passing our info along to him!

  6. JackNco says:

    Thank you for the mention Barry.

    We are doing our very best to make each issue better than the last, as we all start to fall in to our rolls better and learn how each other works.

    If anyone has any suggestions you can contact any of us via the contacts page on the website. anything you would like to say to us about our latest releases good or bad is always gratefully received.

    Thank you again for the mention Barry.

    All the best


  7. oren says:

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