Mission accomplished

Yesterday we accepted an offer we could not refuse.

bi-axial key cutter

It was not cheap, but we managed to buy a medeco bi-axial key cutting machine and some bi-axial locks and blanks. Very nice material for the Dutch Open in Sneek.

The machine must be kept out of reach with children, as the metal particles that come from the keys are very sharp and nasty. I had to move the machine to a place with a concrete floor because cutting a few keys almost ruined my carpet 😉

But finally having locks, blanks and a key cutter will allow us to verify Marc Tobias his claims and play around with the system ourselves. And it is a great asset for the Dutch Open in Sneek ….

Now all we need is an ARX pinning kit to make things complete. Anyone got one for sale?

11 Responses to “Mission accomplished”

  1. ax0n says:

    Barry… You lucky, lucky tinkerer. Just seeing that thing makes my heart beat a little bit faster.

  2. dB says:

    Hi Barry, nice tool.
    Is i ‘just’ a copymachine, or can we make copies by code?

  3. mh says:

    Very nice code cutter; and I like the sticker that says it’s protected by Abloy Protec locks 🙂

  4. Barry says:

    db: it is a code machine that will allow you to cut keys in L/C/R angle, 1-7 depths and ‘for or aft’ position.

    And this is exactly what we need to cut Marc’s ‘4 magic keys’…..

  5. David Parker says:

    Really? Because I thought Mr. Tobias’ magic keys applied to the m3. Plus, the m3 allows for somewhat of ‘double spacing’, that is, you can have 2 different cuts in the same chamber. Let me know if I’m wrong, or maybe I’ll just have to wait to buy the book. Good luck Barry, and let me know how it goes, and any questions you might have. We’ve got the bi-axial and the m3 machine.

  6. Barry says:

    David: as far as I know the keys work with some of the bi-axial and M3 locks. And the ‘double spacing’ you are referring to is the ‘FOR and AFT’ position I was talking about.

    I know the 4 magic keys were cut on the same type of machine, so it will work out …

  7. Travis says:

    wow Barry that is really cool, how did you acquire that?? right.. don’t ask, now you can test some impressioning techniques if you really have time. I cannot wait to see some video of this thing

  8. Jean-Claude says:

    mh: Good ‘eye.’ That Protec sticker is a riot.

    Barry: Any chance of seeing a video of this thing in action?

  9. henk says:

    I have a beautiful concrete floor right here :-),truly a beautiful asset,I hope to see it in action soon!

  10. Now that machine looks like an easy to build 🙂 Couple of dovetails for the slides, a motor, V-belt, couple of bearings, a proper size cutter blade and a couple of hours of machining 🙂

  11. MBI says:

    That’s awesome guys, congratulations. You’re not kidding about those metal splinters, I have to be careful with my key machines at home and two kids running around. To help control those splinters I attached a clear plastic shield to the front of the machine, above the cutting wheel. It hangs down at a 45 degree angle, but flips up and out of the way when inserting a new key. Then I take a shop vac and attach the hose to the table so the end of the hose is slightly behind the cutting wheel. With the shield flipped down and the vacuum running while I cut, it really kelps keep the mess under control.