Fools, t.o.o.l.s and secret missions …

Locksport is really getting somewhere in the US.

We see some interesting copies of concepts we know all so well, and names that vaguely sound familiar …

Take for instance ‘Fools‘ (Fraternal Order Of Locksport). Looking on their website it is a small initiative, but hey … so were the European locksports groups when they started.


An other name that rings a bell is T.O.O.L. (Tennessee Organization of Locksmiths). Admitted, they are not a lockport group, but it is funny to see they coincidentally picked that name 😉

For now this short blogposting: I am currently busy writing a column for 2600, and Han and I are on a secret mission today (preparing for Sneek already!). More on that soon …

3 Responses to “Fools, t.o.o.l.s and secret missions …”

  1. ax0n says:

    Hey, a fellow 2600 writer. I’ve done a few articles myself. Obviously I blog some of my stuff. Among my several articles for them are a few relevant articles. In 21:4 (Winter 2004/2005) I wrote about LaGard digital combination locks and in 22:3 (Autumn 2005) I covered a brief introduction to the inner mechanicals of an ATM machine.

    Looking forward to your article. I should probably get cracking, too. My 4 free years are almost up (the rest of my articles were software related).

  2. dosman says:

    What a pleasure to see FOOLS mentioned on your blog! And it was also a pleasure to finally meet a few US TOOOL members back at Notacon. The FOOOLS will be at Defcon also, looking forward to meeting more lockpickers there.