special deal in ‘off the hook’

Tonight Marc Tobias will be the special guest in the “Off the hook” radio show.

Topics covered are his new book, and the role lockpicking is going to play at the ‘last hope conference’.

And on top of that, some special offers will be made that are only valid during the show!!

“Off The Hook” airs every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM EST in New York City on listener supported WBAI 99.5 FM. It can also be followed by this audio stream, or as a high quality podcast (only available one week from now).

4 Responses to “special deal in ‘off the hook’”

  1. rukwind says:

    That’s one o’clock at night in our time zone?
    Not the best time to place an order (IF I’m home by that time 😉

    But if the offer is special enough…….

  2. Jean-Claude says:

    Time zones don’t matter much, but I will try to catch a podcast.
    Anybody need a high-speed camera?

  3. rukwind says:

    I’d like to pre-order a couple of those limited edition hope #7 picksets.
    Can i?

  4. mh says:

    hmm, I made a ‘pledge’ for the CD set during the show and was told I was still in time, but then never heard anything back, how fast is this supposed to work?