Criminals thinking inside the box …

Last month we heard former FBI agent H. Edward Tickel Jr tell the amazing story how he did some blackbag operations, working from inside a cardboard box.

Well, it now seems not only the FBI was clever enough to come up with this method.

nothing to see here folks, pay no attention to this box ...

Some blackbag reader attended me to the following story:

Fri Oct 26, 4:29 PM ET

TORONTO (Reuters) – Two men and a woman who used an ordinary cardboard box to break into over 200 Toronto area fast-food joints were caught by lucky timing, police said on Friday.

The trio arrived at their target with an oversized cardboard box, which they propped up against the restaurant’s front door. One person hid in the box and used specialized tools to break into the restaurant, while the others stood guard with a police scanner and two-way radios.

“They were able to, by experience, literally remove the glass from the pane of the door and then set the glass aside,” said Detective Sergeant Reuben Strober of Toronto Police, adding that the burglars managed to disable most alarm systems at the same time.

Even if the alarms were triggered, the suspects got away before police arrived. Over the course of their crime spree, they made off with some C$250,000 ($260,000), police said.

Strobel said the three were finally caught after police responded to an unrelated call in the neighborhood.

They face 355 charges.

Curious if these guys had an intel background ….

And it is a good thing they are already used to living/working in small spaces, as with 355 charges it might take them some time before they get out of their small little cell ….

2 Responses to “Criminals thinking inside the box …”

  1. Drew says:

    The box trick is straight out of the video game Metal Gear Solid. Too bad it only works well in the video game….

  2. raimundo says:

    Unlikely there was any intel background in that, as removeing glass is not an intel method. Intel would have either used some ruse to get a copy of the key or brought in someone who could pick. or at least use a pick power tool. A similiar story was of a couple who were picking into parking meters on the street. except their camoflage was that they would do it while kissing and embracing, the sort of thing a lot of people would see, but look away to give them privacy. That case was in New Orleans, probably a decade ago.

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