Some info on the Dutch Open locks …

In just a few weeks it will be party time in Sneek.
But we still have a lot of preparations to do….

One of the chalenges we always face is finding decent locks for the games. This year we will be using US style locks for the picking contest.

US style locks kindly donated by Schuyler Towne

Schuyler Towne was kind enough to donate these locks and already send us some pictures of the keyways.

For impressioning we are most likely going to use corbin locks, but I unfortunately I can not confirm this yet as we are having some trouble finding 40 equaly bitted locks for a reasonable price.

And currently I am in the US, manning the CryptoPhone booth at the MilCom conference in Miami Florida, so I do not have much time to spend on the open (or this blog). But I did receive some real nice information that I hope to share with you soon ….

6 Responses to “Some info on the Dutch Open locks …”

  1. JackNco says:

    oooh, well thats thrown me right off my game then. I had my fingers crossed for ISEO, Union or anything I can get hold of easily to practice on.

    Still this might just even the odds a little. 🙂


  2. Does those locks contain security pins and if yes, how many and what kind of?

  3. Barry says:


    Schuyler wrote something like: “I’ll be installing 1-2 spool pins in each one of the the 70 locks I will bring. The locks will have 6 pins.”

    Hope this helps 😉

  4. Schuyler says:

    Yes, each lock is 5-6 pins and will contain at least 1 spool, if not 2. I no longer have any serrated pins (gave them away as part of a prize for a competition in Vegas) but I think the spools will do.

    They are about 90% Schlage and 10% Arrow brands.

    Barry – to be sure, did the first batch of locks arrive to you?

  5. Barry says:

    Schuyler: Yest they did arrive at my hotel. Have been traveling a lot (back to the Netherlands) and still a little jetlagged … so: thanks for the locks!

  6. mh says:

    Hi Barry,

    Are the rules of the competition(s) already published somewhere?