key-port prevents key-reading …

Whenever we do lock-pick or impressioning championships we always make sure to keep the original keys far out of sight of the participants.

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The reason is a two second peek of the key is enough for an expert to ‘read’ it. After that he/she knows the (approximate) key combination and picking or impressioning becomes much more simple.

I even hear rumors surveillance teams try to make photographs of keys visibly worn by suspects to give the NDE operator a head start ….

And in some prisons the guards carry keys in a way the inmates can not see them.

People that are concerned with others ‘reading’ their keys can have a look at a new product called ‘key port’. It is not a cheap solution, but it is effective and sure makes a great Christmas present ….

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  1. rainbow says:

    From their faq:

    “What do mean, ‘convert my key?’

    We will either modify the key you send us or duplicate it with one of our proprietary blanks.”

    Sure, give away my keys for some days or weeks, along with my address.

    What happened to the good old leather bag with a key ring inside?

  2. Mitch Capper says:

    Actually Rainbow they also offer a second option. Get key blanks for your keys from your local locksmith, send them those, then they will send back the converted keys which you can take back to your locksmith and he can cut in his machine.

    For people wondering they can do keys with chips, and high security keys including Abloy:)

    Real question is how long until some 3rd party plugins for the keyport come out:)

  3. rainbow says:

    Well I don’t want to get my keys to a locksmith either, if I can avoid it. Most Locksmiths don’t have the machines to copy keys so the card has to be sent to your factory (with at least the address of your locksmith who has your address etc). And for these systems, manufacturers are not very willing to give away some keyblanks – take, for example, Evva MCS, Ikon WSW, Assa Twin (the newer ones), Abloy protected profile blanks, etc. (I’m leaving out Dom Diamant as these keys are unlikely to fit into the key-port anyway).

    What do you mean with “3rd party plugins”?

  4. Hi!

    > What do you mean with “3rd party plugins”?
    Maybe somthing like a knife, scissors, a saw?
    Then you have your modular swiss penknife which is also your keyring. Sounds cool for me.


  5. mercurial says:

    Interesting product. I agree with rainbow – there are going to be some instances where it will be logistically very difficult to install keys(short of having an existing key machined down to fit).

    As for 3rd party plugins, I vote for a few picks!


  6. TOWCH says:

    I’m surprised this policy doesn’t butt heads with patent protected blanks.

    I was going to say it sounds like a good way to get restricted blanks till I saw the price. WOW!

    I guess I’ll be sticking to be ebay for that!

    Looks like a good product. Always nice to see new stuff on the market.

  7. Drew says:

    Make the keyport hold some picks lol. on demand covert picking!

  8. JackNco says:

    for all the people that have suggested putting picks in this check out this

    or look in the picks section of for the SL6 i keep meaning to pick of of these up.


  9. mh says:

    funny idea, but a small market… They must be after the few people who also buy Vertu mobile phones. But then – will their customers really care about the “rewards card bar code tag for my favorite store”?
    Las Vegas… City of Dreams…

  10. raimundo says:

    Nice little device, I could use one for my marshal keys, I see three sliders, but there are more slots on the end, are there more sliders on the other side?

  11. mercurial says:

    Yes, there are sliders on each side of the unit.

    In the version pictured in this article, there are the 3 which are visible, and 3 on the other side.

    I agree with mh – interesting product, but very small market, especially given how much the system costs.

  12. OZZY says:

    They say that this is the FIRST and ONLY universal key fob. Actually there ÅŸs another one that’s been in business since 2004 called the SLOT system. check it out:

  13. douro20 says:

    $300 US…that’s insane.

  14. I think that MH is right:
    “funny idea, but a small market… They must be after the few people who also buy Vertu mobile phones. But then – will their customers really care about the “rewards card bar code tag for my favorite store”?
    Las Vegas… City of Dreams…”

    Where I can buy this key port in Las Vegas?