Wise men said: Back to paper ballots in the Netherlands

It took them eight months, but yesterday a government appointed comity came out with their report, advising the Dutch government about the future of e-voting.

Engadget on the Dutch e-voting situation

From scratch they have designed a completely new way of transparent e-voting, one that will leave a verifiable paper trail. From what we see now a decent system. A nice animation about how the new system is going to look like can be found here (or youtube).

It will take a couple of years to develop such a system, and in the meantime voting in the Netherlands will be done on paper ballots.

Of course this was big news in the Netherlands (youtube video’s RTL4 and NOS). For more news in English about this: Slashdot and Engadget wrote about it and for news in German visit the CCC homepage.

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  1. Or you can use these links:

    Nice decision by the way! The vulnerabilities that were found were real and hopefully those kind of mistakes don’t happen again 🙂

    When the info about Dutch Open will be up in your blog Barry? 🙂 Waiting eagerly 😉