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I had noticed the site of newsparkling tools in Singapore some time ago, but have just been too busy to look into it and order anything.

video of mul-t-lock pick by

But ever since someone demonstrated me their nifty tool to open some models of Mul-T-lock locks I am going to place a big order soon!

So first of all there are picktools for mul-t-locks, but also tools to pick disc locks, cut-away locks and even a special bump-key set for dimple locks.

In other words: interesting stuff … I will keep you posted on what I order and if it is as good as it looks like.

I was very pleased to be able to play with one of their mul-t-lock picks for 30 minutes and shoot some video (youtube or quicktime 22 MB) of it. Unfortunately there were only two locks available, to test this tool on. I was told one of the locks was a brand new and certified one, the other was a cut-away model. And both could be opened relatively easy.

And I am not sure how long this tool will be effective. What I have learned about the Mul-T-lock company (and its engineers) is that they are continuously improving their product. So a trick that might work on a lock produced yesterday, will not work on a lock that is produced tomorrow. And that is the way it should be. You can not prevent people finding exploits to your locks, but you can do all you can to prevent the exploit to work on future locks.

Time will tell ….

* Update 27/09/2007: Time did tell, and fast!

Yaron from Israel wrote in the comments that the tool seems to work well ‘in the field’ and that already burglars have been arrested in possession of this tool. Yaron was kind enough to scan the newspaper article (in Hebrew) and translate it in English. Thanks Yaron!

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  1. Julio says:

    Very interesting once again, I was also thinking of getting some stuff from New Sparkling, I guess it’s the lack of money I have that’s stopping me 🙂

  2. Yaron says:

    According to the Yedioth Achronot Israeli newpaper such attacks now frequent in Israel where mul-t-lock cylinders of all types are standard on steel doors.

  3. Barry says:

    Artix: Nice video’s, and nice homemade pick 😉

    Yaron: Do you have a link to that article? Or a scan?
    From what date was that article? And did it mention this specific tool or maybe the use of bumpkeys or other methods?

  4. moshe says:

    Following yarons information: this article was Published on 5/09/2007, it has a picture of this pick tool that was found by the police in the hands of thief’s.
    90% of the cylinders in Israel are mul-t-lock. since the end of 2004 they are bumped and picked by the thief’s.
    mul-t-lock has a new model of cylinder that should be improved and the model name is: “interactive protected”. I’m not sure about this model and how protected it….

  5. Yaron says:

    I have uploaded the scanned article (in Hebrew) to, click on my name. The picture in the article looks like the newsparkling pick tool featured above.

    What moshe wrote is accurate. I think that the “protected” model is the one with mushroom pins and that all new interactive cylinders are “protected” and come with mushroom pins.

    Also, mul-t-lock just came out with “interactive protected SUPER” (no kidding). I have not been able to get any information from their web site or from talking with a reprensentative what are the differences between the various models. Someone will have to take apart the lock and see…

  6. Barry says:

    Thanks a lot Yaron and Moshe.

    I updated the blog-entry and added your image …

  7. moshe says:

    Following yarons information:“interactive protected SUPER” is the old classic cylinder with the addition of the interactive pin…this model is sold and key duplicated only by the Israeli locksmith association members.
    The changes in the new “protected” series are: stronger pins. It has bin bumped and picked already.
    mul-t-lock is making “combina” (again :>)

  8. Sebastian says:

    Dear Barry,

    My wife read the article and is telling me there is a part missing between the left (beginning) and the right block.

    Cheers, Sebastian

  9. Yaron says:

    Sebastian: click on my name for the full article.

    Moshe: which european-profile cylinder would you suggest that is

    1 considered reasonably secure, no known “easy” attack (must)
    2 compatible with Shiryonit Hosem steel doors (must)
    3 compatible with the cylinder protector
    4 available in Israel

    The Abloy Disklock or Protec answers all requirements but 3) since the key is too thick. Is it worth switching from interactive to the Abloy thus giving up the cylinder protector?

  10. Sebastian says:

    Thanks Yaron,

    got the article… However, everybody is sleeping over here (0135 hrs), so things will have to wait a bit. Sorry.

    Cheers, Sebastian

  11. moshe says:

    yaron, I think you need to ask a locksmith. (or barry)
    I have only the information I read on the internet :>

  12. Yaron says:

    Here is a quick translation for the article:

    The Lockpicking tool no door can resist

    Sophisticated, cheap tool manufactured abroad had helped a gang of thieves crack mul-t-lock and rav-bariach (1) locks and break into apartments.

    Thus suspected in Hadrea (2) police. Investigation reveals that the thieves purchased the tool using the Internet. The police are checking weather the tool was used to break into apartments not only in Hadera area but all over the country.

    Hadera police chief Boaz Goldberg said it’s a sophisticated tool that can easily open locks. The method: a metal bar from the tool slides into the lock, turn the tool – the lock opens. Apparently the metal bar is exchangeable for different sizes and types of locks. The tool is especially silent, even if there are people in the apartment they will not hear the break in.

    The tool was captured by the Police yesterday: detectives from the Hadera police noticed a suspect car. The car passengers saw the detectives, threw the tool away and escaped. They have been arrested later and not talking with the police.

    Recently the police had received complaints about apartment break-in without any lock damage. The complainants said they were in the house during the break in and heard nothing. The police suspects that gang members, after stealing equipment from the apartments, locked the door using the tool.

    (1) the rav-bariach company sold mul-t-lock business to Assa Abloy but kept the steel door business. most people confuse mul-t-lock and rav-bariach
    (2) Hadera is a city in Israel

  13. Barry says:

    Yaron: Thank you so much for your effrots! Scanning the article was very nice, but translating it is just great!

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. moshe says:

    ABLOY PROTEC is compatible with the cylinder protector.

  15. Jeff says:

    I was present when this video was made. I witnessed Barry having the tool properly work as is shown on this video.

    Recently, at a major security industry trade show in the US, I had the opportunity to discuss what I witnessed with regards to this tool with a Mul-t-lok factory representative.

    His reply was that he was confident that the cylinder that was in this video had been altered, and that this tool would not work with an “out of the box” Mul-t-lok component.

    I suspect otherwise.

  16. Yaron says:

    mosher: Thanks.

  17. Tom says:

    When you say “the companies are always improving the locks, so that’s good”, you don’t believe that the end-users will upgrade their locks every few weeks to the latest model, do you? Most people don’t even know that a mul-t-lock has versions! It’s the same thing in internet hacks, hackers don’t need the latest 0-day exploits, there are plenty of interesting machines that haven’t been patched for ages, where all the old vulnerabilities still work.
    Nice tools 🙂

  18. moshe says:


  19. Simon says:

    the Tool brand (H&M) is invent by our 2006-2008 chairman Mr Lee