Dutch Video available

The Editie NL video is available now …

http://blackbag.toool.nl/video/editie-nl.wmv (10 Mb)

Or on youtube (for those having problems with WMV files)


4 Responses to “Dutch Video available”

  1. rukwind says:

    indeed a nice collection of blanks (in the background)

  2. Barry says:

    rukwind: thanks. It is a mix between bumpkeys and blanks.

    And I am always looking for more blanks. If you know a good address to score some (cheap) blanks please let me know …

  3. gregor says:

    Don’t worry about that. Barry didn’t sweep the bump keys under the carpet.
    That’s earlier or later a normal market reaction.
    A wrench and a screwdriver are in much cases enough, universal and noiseless.
    In special cases you need two things for less then ten euro from the DIY superstore.
    In very special cases you need a overall, a cap, a tool suitcase and a business card.
    Nobody ask you, what you are doing there! That’s live.
    So lets talk about Advanced Bumping like Universal Bump Keys, Double Bump Keys
    ,the Coin Assistant and how to bump very cheap cylinders.
    I thought about a difficult one at the last German championship.

  4. pw says:

    Im confused,

    In the entry before this one you go on about how its wrong for Multipick to be selling them and then on this news item you tell everyone watching on national tv where to buy them from and give Multipick free publicity?

    Im just a bit mixed up of your true thoughts on this.

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