waiting for Mul-T-Lock’s MT5

Mul-T-Lock’s MT5 …

It promises to be a pretty secure lock. Besides having the famous ‘pin
in pin’ (or telescopic pin) system, there is an interactive element
in the key. This interactive element is merely a copy protection
mechanism if you ask me. The third security feature is a ‘laser track’
type grove. The pins (called fingerpins) that are set with this grove
operate a sidebar. I must say it looks pretty solid.

I can’t wait to get my hands on two or three of these locks.

You might wonder why I want two or three locks, and not just start
with one?

The answer is simple: I am curious if all locks will have their own
individual fingerpin/sidebar code. I think and hope Mul-T-Lock is
clever enough to do this, and not make the same mistake ASSA made with
the sidebar codes on the TWIN series. If each lock will have its own
individual sidebar code it will be a tough nut to crack. Based on what
info is available on the net.

One other reason to want a couple of locks is to take one or two apart
and look at all parts individually. Sometimes technical drawings (or
even complete video animations) can be pretty unclear. Before I try to
pick a lock I always collect as much information about it as possible.
And there is no better way to understand how a lock works then fully
taking it apart and let the pins and parts run through your fingers
while examining them.

Although I must admit the video animation made by Mul-T-lock does give
you a nice impression about how the lock works.

The video can be found here (WMV 3 MB) … pretty informative if you ask me.

My pickset is itching to have a try at this lock. The name MT5 has
been released months ago, yet I am still waiting to see it available
in the shops.

More on the MT5 when it is available on the market … or do you think
they will send me some samples to review?

to be continued…

10 Responses to “waiting for Mul-T-Lock’s MT5”

  1. seanrox says:

    Hey Barry.

    Having 3 independent locking components (Telescopic Pin Tumblers, Locking Bar and Alpha Spring) this appears to be a really secure lock.

    I really hope they send you some samples to review.

    From the video, I would think that hardest part to get around would be the Alpha spring. They only show you it moving from the bottom (towards the end of the video) but at the beginning of the video they show it moving both top and bottom, so maybe something else takes place?

    Good luck on getting one of these and sharing your findings.

  2. NKT says:

    I dread to think how much the key machine to cut this will be!

  3. Paul says:

    If they follow the lead of other makers the sidebar will be used for dealer control cuts. That also makes the keys cheaper & easier for the locksmith to supply as they will come from the factory with the sidebar cuts pre machined.

  4. André Matuschek says:

    Nice lock, really. I have one “old” Mul-T-Lock here, and picking it ist not easy, but also not infeasible for me, and I am the best lockpicker.
    I think Paul is rigth with his assumption. I guess the slider-code is for dealer-control. The sidebar and the spring are to make it harder to make unauthorised copies of a key, and the dimples are the code. I would be surprised if not.
    Seanox: The up and down moving at the beginning of the video should only show that this is a movable part in the key. I think there is a little bump rigth above the alpha spring when the key is fully inserted. This pushes the spring down and under the key a little control pin down. That’s all. If you replace the spring with a solid bump on the key which should press the control pin, you are not able to insert the key, because the spring reaches far out of the key when the top is pressded.


  5. Tymur says:

    The “snake” cut on the MT5 key is partially for the segmentation of “Locksmith regions” (2 cuts out of 5)and 3 cuts are variable as combination cuts. So MTL will not repeat the mistake of ASSA TWIN series.
    The price of KCM5 key cutting machine is approx 4.5 K USD and cuts all the MTL keys (7×7, Integrator, Classic, Interactive, MT5, MT5+) as well as ingraving the marking on the keys. MT5 cylinder supplied with the magnetic strip card that are read by the machine and KCM5 cuts the key automatically. The product seems really interesting and high security

  6. Tomiper says:

    Hi clever mavins!
    Please, how does it look with Mul-T-Lock MT5+ ?
    Has somebody got his hands on cylindric Mul-T-Lock MT5+ succesfully?
    Is this lock already overcome?

  7. Jerry Mitgang says:

    So what is the latest with MT5+ ?

  8. Jerry Mitgang says:

    MT5+ Arrived in Brooklyn New York on January 26. And it does look very good.

  9. Paul says:

    I have seen a couple of these locks on Ebay. There is a seller on there who is overseas selling the locks for around $88 plus shipping.

  10. Dude Abides says:

    I have a euro half cylinder mt5+ and a 1 /18″ mortise cylinder mt5+. With three types of security to defeat inside of the plug, I can tell you that short of a specialized pick, there’s no way you’re just going to jam a pick in there and hope to pop it open. The most grueling to defeat would most certainly be the sliders. They placed them directly underneath the telescoping pins. Even if you somehow knew where to position them, you would need the precision of a surgeon to move them while not disturbing the telescoping pins above.