“Keys to heaven” freely available to the public now…

Too bad I missed the German CCC congress end of last year.

Arthur Meister was there, doing his presentation on Stasi tools and
techniques. This presentation was first shown during the Dutch Open
2006, but now Arthur was invited by the CCC to perform there too.

As you might know from previous blackbag postings the internal Stasi
code name for the tools and techniques to open locks was ‘himmel
Schlüsseln’ (keys to heaven). CCC offers you a chance to see Arthur
demonstrate these ‘keys to heaven’. His presentation is available
online (for free). Not sure how long it will last, so act quick!

stasi tools

23rd Chaos Communication Congress “Who can you trust?”
Speakers: Arthur Meister
Language: German
Schedule Day 3
Room Saal 3
Start time 23:00
Duration 01:00

Schlossöffnung bei der Staatssicherheit der DDR
Werkzeuge und Vorgehen der STASI

Arthur Meister erläutert das operative Vorgehen und die speziellen
Werkzeuge zur Schlossöffnung, die von der Staatssicherheit der DDR
verwendet wurden. Von der opartiven Vorbereitung, über die Erstöffnung
bis zur Herstellung von Nachschlüsslen werden speziell von der STASI
entwicklete Werkzeuge und deren Einsatz gezeigt.


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  1. Buck-O says:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t understand most of the words in that video. My german is not very good. However, what i DID understand was Holland, Barry “Und Han Fey”.

    Thanks for the heads up on the video Barry. Lots of good visual information, even if I can’t understand most of the spoken information.

    If anyone is having problems viewing the file, try downloading Quicktime Alternative, or ffdshow. *.m4v files to the best of my knowledge are for iPod video files. So if you cant view it, try those.

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