New ways of impressioning laser track locks

Laser track keys always look impressive. But in fact they are only
simple wafer locks that look fancy. I wrote about decoding them a
little while ago, and even made a video of the decoder tool in action.

No need to explain how Oliver Diederichsen defeats these kind of lock:
by impressioning! In his book he writes about impressioning these locks using
modified normal (metal) laser track keys with a dremel tool.

laser track keys

I witnessed some new and innovative techniques he developed. Instead
of using relatively hard metal keys he now uses a special kind of two
component material to fill up a prepared blank. The properties of this
‘two component moldable metal’ are perfect for impressioning. When
hardened it is stiff enough to operate the lock and keep wafers in
place. Yet it will crumble when under pressure and leave beautiful marks.

See for yourself how it is done, step by step in yet another exclusive blackbag video.

10 Responses to “New ways of impressioning laser track locks”

  1. Nick Zakowski says:

    It appears to be JB Weld. Is this the case Barry?

  2. André Matuschek says:

    In germany we normaly use this:


  3. seanrox says:

    That was a very informative 10:10 video Barry. It’s nice that you do them in high resolution so we can see all the details. Thank you for taking that extra step.

    Towards the end of the video when you were looking at the finished key under the magnifier glass, it looked like you were using night vision on your camera.

  4. Barry says:

    all: I mailed Oli and asked what material was used. I should have wrote that down. It could be André is right.

    The microscope shot was not made on nightvision. That is just the kind of light that comes off a microscope I guess.

  5. Oli says:

    Hi everybody,
    Andre is completely right, it is one kind of these two component repairing sticks I use.
    There are different producers, but I think the result should be the same on most of them.

  6. DMUX says:

    wow, it probably can be done with all kinds of keys too, like tubular keys

  7. Jon D says:

    I think the pattex is marketed as Loctite power putty in the UK… Though there’s a small family company making an excellent 2 part epoxy putty that retails for a lot less money here. milliput

    I’ll send you a packet as a thank you present for all the great videos Barry, if it’s no good for impressioning you’ll find some other uses for it!

    also are you still looking for foreign locks for toool meetings or have you closed the window on that?

  8. Skyler says:

    I’d just like to say how much I love the site. It has been my startup page on internet explorer for the past few months. I’m not really commenting on anything, but just saying I really appreciate this blog. It’s my favorite on the net.

  9. martin says:

    very interesting and clever thanks for sharing.

  10. Tom R says:

    Great Video, this is perfect because I actually just lost the key to my audi and I need the car this weekend and the dealership can’t cut me a key in time.

    I so far have gotten as far as impressioning the key, now i can see where all of the pins are, but they are all in a straight line and I can’t tell what depth they need to be cut at, any hints? Thanks again for this excellent info!

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