Bumping cars open…

If you know anything about bumping locks you know it is not going to work on
lever and wafer locks. So car locks are more or less immune to bumping.

Or so you thought!

It seems specific type of Mazda cars can be bumped open real easy.
And with that I do not mean bumping the lock, but the door of the car!


According to an article in mobile magazine: “A rash of Mazda 3 owners
have fell victim to a sneaky method of forced entry to their zoom
zooms. When returning to their vehicles the passenger side door has a
dent, and all of the items once in their cars, are now gone. No glass
smashed, no door locks jimmied, just a side blow to the door will
grant entry to the thief.”

And: “According to a Mazda dealership that wishes to remain anonymous,
it works by someone creating a large blow in just the right place on
the door panel. It will leave a dent in the door of course, but this
dent goes past the door frame, to the lock assembly mechanism and
activates the linkage also tricking the computer into thinking that it
was legitimately unlocked by your key or remote.”

Wonderful … isn’t it ?!?

I found some rare video footage of the pioneers of this technique… click here.

8 Responses to “Bumping cars open…”

  1. deciBell says:

    Nice clip πŸ˜‰
    that tool is too big for me (bigger is not always better),
    I stick to my trusty Tomahawk (TM?)

  2. Buck-O says:

    Rare footage indeed Barry. LOL!

    Seriously though, if this vulnerability of the Mazda3 is true, it would be disasterous.

    I dont know if your mazda3 over in Europe is differnt from out Mazda3 here in the states, but i belive the locking mechanism is shared with some other Ford cars as well. Like the Volvo S40, the Ford Focus, perhpas even other cars in the Mazda range.
    Maybe its somthing totally unique to the body panel shape of the 3 that makes it work, but it seems to me the vulnerability to the lock would be there reguardless. And could potentially be exploited.

  3. Han Fey says:

    It’s a security feature in case of a collision. There are sensors in the car, which measure this collision. If you drive in your car with locked doors and you get an accident, the doors automatically relock. For Opel for example, this sensor is beneath the frontwheel. To activate this sensor, you must unscrew the tire and with a piece of wood and a hammer hit against a certain place on the body. The doors will unlock then. The ANWB, knows these places too is my opinion, this to open doors for people who left their keys in the car.

  4. DWizzy says:

    Han Fey: relock or unlock?

    Subtile movie clip πŸ˜‰

  5. Han Fey says:


    You are right, I work that many with high security safes, that I more use the word Relocker/Relock instead of Unlock.

    Point with modern cars is that every car has such a sensor, it seems with Mazda 3 types this sensor is in the door(s).

    So if you know the place, every car can be bumped open πŸ˜‰

  6. Stefan says:

    Barry: I’m absolutely against publishing a video of this attack! Some lockmiths may have used this technique for over 75 years. Now not only locksmiths, but every teenager could use this attack (ok, if he finds five friends) and no car is safe anymore! πŸ˜‰ (I’m still waiting for FoxNews to pick up on the topic. Maybe you should upload the video on youtubeto speed up the process πŸ˜‰ )

  7. Barry says:

    Stefan: You are right… what was I thinking? I will remove the link right away!

  8. jow says:


    Im guessing its fake but none the less interesting….

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