New competition locks coming in …

Tonight was another Toool night in Amsterdam. The last this year. We
already collected some locks that are very likely candidates to become
the official 2007 competition locks. But still locks are coming in by
mail, and on January 3 we will make the final selection. I shot some
video of the locks that came in so far for those interested. (WMV 25 Mb)
litto belgium

Django offered me something as well tonight. I have been thinking for a long time
if I should mention it on this blog or not. It was just too funny to let pass …

4 Responses to “New competition locks coming in …”

  1. Viola says:

    Dat ziet er allemaal weer erg interessant uit!
    (vooral dat laatste in die kartonnen doos ;))

  2. Jamie says:

    I sure hope my package makes it there, and on the list!

    I sent over a schlage everest cylinder, as well as a standard SC1 keyway 5 pin cylinder.
    I’m sure you guys will make quick work of them!



  3. Barry says:

    Viola: Too bad you did not have time to visit us …

    Jamie: Thanks for your effort. I am quite sure it will arrive in time. The next Toool meeting will be in three weeks from now. And I know there is christmas and new year, but assume they will arrive on time…

  4. Jordy says:

    Nice one, Django.

    Barry, i’m thinking of donating a Wink Haus lock with a bit more warded keyway than the one already in your posession, but i’m wondering whether it’d be of any use to you, because Winkhaus is sold in Holland quite often.

    Would you be interested?
    If so, I’ll try to come to the next TOOOL meeting ( that is, if i’m not in Austria then, because of my internship).