Kassa video clip online now …

The clip is available online now. Paul did real well, and the ’safe
cracking clips’ turned out ok. At the end Paul was challenged to break
open a safe live on camera, with the clock ticking. Not my cup of tea…
But all in all not a bad item and my compliments to Paul.
The (long) clip can be downloaded here (99 Mb, WMV, 13 Minutes)

An overview of the safes that were tested can be found on the Kassa website.

Since I do not know how long the info will be available there, here is the list:
Protector Electronic Dial (€108), Home Safe (Praxis €59,95), Guard M80E (Karwei
€ 49), Dura Lock S23EL (Karwei € 49,95), Electronic Digital Safe (Kijkshop € 39,99)
and Dura Lock FS30MD (Gamma € 99).

13 Responses to “Kassa video clip online now …”

  1. Jamie says:

    The “solenoid bump” without a mallet was priceless, that absolutely made my day.

    Thanks for sharing once again, Barry.

  2. DMUX says:

    very interesting, please keep your videos coming, it is some of the best footage available to the open public

  3. DMUX says:

    ahah and I like the movie oceans 11 soundtrack playing in the background of the video 🙂

  4. Ryan says:

    Great video! Your server must take a pounding hosting these things.
    Why not use youtube or google video?

  5. Eric Michaud says:

    Oceans 12 when Danny’s crew was attempting to steal the stock from the eccentric yet agoraphobic man who lived near in/around Amsterdam Centraal. Though when they arrived François Toulour(aka Night Fox) beat them to the punch.

    The songs used in Kassa
    David Holmes – Lifting the Building
    David Holmes – Stealing The Stock (Into] Le Renard De Nuit
    In case anyone was interested 😉

  6. Eric Michaud says:

    I almost forgot the one when they are torching the safes is.

    David Holmes – $165 Million + Interest (Into) The Round Up

    Ciao 😉

  7. The Lost Gunner says:

    Anyone else wonder if the producers (or anyone else) considered that if someone could flop the safes around like they were a rag that they could also walk out of wherever they find the safe with that safe – to be cracked, cut, burned or guessed open later?

    Don’t get me wrong – way cool to open a safe on TV by smashing it about, but a test of effective security? Nah.

  8. Barry says:

    Ryan: thanks for your concern. It is no problem sharing the video’s as
    we have a very generous provider. And YouTube re-samples the video’s
    to a much lower resolution. But the worst thing is that you have no
    control over your own clips and are completely dependant on YouTube.
    The Nova bumpkey clip (with 850.000 downloads) was flagged as
    ‘inappropriate content’ and removed overnight without a question asked.

    Lost Gunner: But they did show how easy it was to cut trough the
    safes? The ‘bumping around attack’ shows the true lack of any
    security. It is an effective attack and requires no skills and no
    tools (wow, these words sound familiar). And it opened the safe in 1:17.

    Paul made clear to always bolt the safe to prevent this kind of ‘bump
    attack’ (and others). His words: A safe that is not bolted should not
    be considered a safe but a big (and heavy) shopping bag….

  9. DMUX says:

    yea I was the one that posted that youtube video along with a bunch of other lockpick videos I made and ones from this site which I always gave credit to

    and the bumkey alert video had about 1 million hits before my account was deleted and I was sooooo mad, but at least the message was out to many many people so it did some good regardless

  10. martin says:

    another excellent video thanks barry and paul keep it up,martin

  11. gst says:

    Would you consider creating a low res video for people on limited bandwidth? I would love to watch it but I’ve got a cap on my broadband usage.

  12. Yoda says:

    I have schrinked the movie and shortened a little so it could be uploaded to youtube. It is now 10 min and 25 Mb. You can watch it here:


  13. Fùlleri says:

    Great video! I am just wondering what is exactly the reason why Paul turns the safes upside down and bumps them unto the floor. How this will affect the manipulation of the lock?

    Real interesting blog, BTW, I visit it every day or so. 🙂