87 seconds …. Jos Weyers!

Newsflash: The LockCon #2 impressioning games were won by Jos Weyers (Toool.nl).
His time: 1 minute and 27 seconds (that is 87 seconds for a five pin lock …).

Some technical background on the lock: Abus 5 pin, non-masterkeyed, type C83, pin depths 3-2-6-7-4.

Now I need some time to relax.
When my internal battery is charged up a little I will try to write a nice post about HAR ….

17 Responses to “87 seconds …. Jos Weyers!”

  1. Arthurmeister says:

    Nochmals ein großes Kompliment aus Deutschland !!!!! Super Leistung !!!


  2. Schuyler says:


    JOS! JOS! JOS! Congratulations, buddy, I am amazed. I bet you were shocked too when it opened! Ahh! I’m so proud, I wish I could have been there.

    Well done! I can’t believe your technique, so insanely fast in the lock itself, I look forward to learning a bit from you next year.

    – Schuyler

  3. Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot, over. That is insanely fast! Congrats Jos! 🙂

  4. Squelchtone says:

    When I close my eyes, all I hear is little puppies yapping at a pet store, perhaps during a fire or flood. Nice job Jos and Han, I like your Key Figure t-shirt, very funny!

  5. NKT says:

    Jos, I said it at the time, and I say it again: Stunning! Your dedication paid off in a big way.
    That 87 second record is going to stand for a long time, though. 12.5 seconds per cut depth… 🙂

    Thanks to all for a great time over there.

    See you all again soon!

  6. dosman says:

    Nicely done, simply amazing!! I really wish I could have been there, congrats to everyone!

  7. Till says:

    I bow down. JOS is the king of keys….
    I was so impressed.
    87 Seconds in the championchip under pressur.
    At the 15 Aug 2009 a new mark has been set.
    Greetings Till

  8. Julian says:

    Luckily I was able to congratulate personally, and I do it again with great respect!

    @NKT: My calculation on time per cut is this: To file from full blank to nine is one, from nine to eight is one a.s.o. If you count in these steps for all five positions, it’s 3,1 seconds per depth as the lock was pinned 3-2-6-7-4. Thats even more outstanding, because additionally you have to wiggel and to look at the marks. This is a world record I think, let’s make it famous with an entry in the Guinnes Book.

  9. Henk says:

    Congratz Jos!!!!Very well done,missed it all,am working my a** off at Texel at the moment,will be seeing you in september on one of the tooolmeetings to congratulate you personally.
    Hope you all had a wonderful time at HAR,probably an understatement….;-)))))

  10. bert says:

    Hey little brother,

    talent runs in the family apparently, so now I have to dig deep….. 😉


  11. mh says:

    If anyone found the missing padlock decoder prototype (serial no. 001, see https://wiki.har2009.org/page/Workshop:Padlock_Hacking for more details), it would be great if you could let me know at mh (at) tosl.org

    Otherwise, LockCon#02 was a great experience again, thanks a lot to Barry and Han and all the others who organized this in the background, great job!!
    And congratulations again to Julian and Jos – unbelievable 🙂


  12. Walter Belgers says:

    Wow Jos.. that was incredible! And the others (like Ollie and Manfred in the video) scored some amazing times as well! It is probably faster to let Jos make a fitting key to a lock, than to copy an existing key on a key copying machine.. Now that is something!!

  13. san says:

    well done Sir! all that practice paid off in the end.

  14. […] Got back yesterday from a sort of Busman’s Holiday. We took 6 days off and visited a really brilliant technology and security festival, held every 4 years in The Netherlands. The event is called Hacking At Random, and, as the name suggests, involved a lot of people sat behind computers in a field! However, it wasn’t just hacking servers and sniffing traffic in the virtual worlds, it also included a large section on the physical world, including the latest developments with rapid prototyping, UAVs and, of course, locks. Not forgetting a free toasti with a free domain name and socially-engineered T-shirt! For me, highlights included the talk about breaking the key control on the EVVA MCS, possibly the world’s most secure magnetic lock, for less than the cost of one of the locks, and the use of a rapid prototyping machine to create a physical plastic copy of the Dutch & German police handcuffs. (If you know what this means, you can get the STL file from http://ke.y.nu and then 3D print your own!) I gave my talk on lever locks, which was well received, and a Dutch locksmith did a short hands-on picking session to demonstrate just how insecure the local 4 lever locks are. Ray gave his lecture and hands-on about handcuffs, which is always very popular, whilst many others learned that the basic first level of home security, the 5 pin cylinder lock, was, for the cheaper locks, not very secure at all. Most mind-blowing, however, was the impressioning championship won by Jos. Impressioning is the art of making a key to an unknown lock. This is tricky but once you know how, do-able. It took me 63 minutes, and only half the competitors finished within the hour time limit. The winner, however, came in with a time of just 87 seconds! Put into context, that’s about 12.5 seconds per cut depth! To put it another way, once set up, I take about half that time to copy a key on my key machine, whilst Jos was using a hand file and did not know the key cuts, only the lock. You can see the video at BlackBag. […]

  15. jos weyers says:

    Nice write-up.
    Made me re-live the moment all over again.

    thank you.

    (your own blog won’t let me comment, so i put it here)

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