HAR lockpick village is ready to go …

HAR lockpick village tent all set up for fun, fun, fun

The HAR camp is on schedule. As a matter of fact: they are ahead of schedule. When we arrived this morning the tent was already set up, the only thing we had to do was carry ten big tables and thirty five chairs in. And the tent is much bigger as I expected too! I am sure we are going to have one hell of a time there!

I am real curious how the lockpick championships will go. After all, there is quite something at stake! The games will be played in on solid ground and not in a tent. The risk of rain on a Dutch event just is too big. So for this we rented a nice location (on walking distance from lockpick village). Please visit us at the ‘paasheuvel zaal’ on Saturday from 11:30 till +- 16:00 to see the lockpick championships, or at 23:00 on Saturday evening for the impressioning games. The reason we are doing the impressioning games so late is to give Oliver Diederichsen a fair chance to win a ‘double whammy‘ too. Lets see how that all goes …. I am looking very forward to it all!

7 Responses to “HAR lockpick village is ready to go …”

  1. GilleZ says:

    Very nice, looking forward to joining the ‘enclave’ at wednesday.

  2. Jos Weyers says:

    can’t wait!

  3. This is teasing 🙁 Damn school messed my plans from the moment I saw the HAR schedule, but I hope the Turkey trip would be doable 🙂

  4. Jord Knaap says:

    it is cool place to bee at the camping site, very nice met a lot of people hope to see everybody in this week in my City Bus.

    greating Jord

  5. Henk says:

    Goodluck everybody with lockpicking and impressioning,won,t be there this year,work is more timeconsuming than ever before,sigh….but hey,there will be more events to come and Great brittain and la belle France are on my visitinglist this year so I will have my share of fun later this year;-)

  6. JackNco says:

    Wish I was there. Kate has been keeping me updated with whats been going on and making me wish i was there. sounds like you are all having way to much fun.

    Good luck to everyone (especialy the brits competing)


  7. Thanks says:

    Thanks for a great workshop + lectures at HAR. I got into lockpicking when I met you at HEU 1993, but lost the feel when my set of picks was stolen 2001. In spite of better: