Band-Aid for voting computers

The remaining voting computers in the Netherlands are going to be
thoroughly inspected and, for the first time in history, sealed.
At the meeting in Dutch Parliament our minister refused to answer
questions on how this sealing was done. All information was
classified, and members of parliament who wanted to know more could
only be informed behind closed doors. In other words … highly
sensitive stuff. Not what I have in mind with transparent democracy!

But the information leaked out already. All municipalities have access
to a closed off website from the ministry of internal affairs. One of
then decided to put the login information on their public website. Thanks!

Needless to say the files are mirrored on our site. Looking at them we
found they really outdone themselves. For every situation that might
occur during the elections there is a scenario what to do. And we
learned what way the voting computers are sealed. I was curious what
company actually made these seals. The answer is in the comments…

One Response to “Band-Aid for voting computers”

  1. Barry says:

    Frank suggested in a private mail the seals might come from china.