Dutch Open 2006, pure GOLD

It’s over. Most people are home now, others are still inΓƒβ€šΓ‚Β a plane,
flying back to the other side of the planet. If you will ask them how
it was the answer will probably be they had the time of their life.
Ok, maybe there are one or two out of this crowd of 100 people that
have something to bitch about. But I keep in mind they can only be
truly happy if they have something to bitch about (yes, you know who
you are). So my conclusion is that everybody is happy, one way or the other.

gold bumpkeys

The image above is that of gold plated bump keys for Schlage, Yale and ASSA twin.
A gift from Babak, Eric Michaud, Eric Schmiedel and Schuyler from Toool USA.
I don’t know what to say to receive such nice gifts …. thanks guys!

There is a lot to tell about the open, and I promise to make some nice
and exclusive video available online in a couple of days. For now you will have
to do with Eric Schmiedel’s impressive photo collection (day 1, 2 and 3) and a Dutch
television item (Windows Media 16 Mb).

I now need to get some serious sleep, Wednesday I am flying to Dubai for the GITEX exhibition.

3 Responses to “Dutch Open 2006, pure GOLD”

  1. As usual, the Dutch Open was a lot of fun! I am very happy with my Gege pExtra cutaway, the price for second-best in the Dutch club-competition. Too bad the Dutch were not able to beat the Germans in the Dutch Open. I will try to score some points at the next German Open Championships though πŸ™‚

    Barry, you organised yet another fine event, thanks!

    Walter (TOOOL Eindhoven)

  2. martin says:

    wow gold plated bump keys you must be the master,some great photos of nice locks,looks like you all had fun and thats what its all about,have fun keep up the great work,martin

  3. globallockytoo says:

    Any information on how the Bilock cylinders held up to your testings?

    Were they able to be bumped or picked or bypassed?

    Thank you