Another mystery solved… tool identified

Another mystery solved. Regular visitors of this weblog might remember
I mentioned something about the police investigating a ‘burglary
tool’. They had no clue what it was or could be, and asked lots and
lots of people in the lock industry. And many of them asked me.

I am sure we would have had hours of fun speculating what it could be in
Sneek at the Dutch Open today. But Eric spoiled the fun and mailed the
answer. Thanks Eric!


Here a picture of the mystery object. If you want to find out what it
is click here, or read the comments.

11 Responses to “Another mystery solved… tool identified”

  1. Barry says:

    For those not speaking Dutch, it is a tool to adjust heating
    equipment. The scale is to allow you to identify how far the
    adjustment screw is turned in or out.

  2. André says:

    Ah, thanks!

    I wasted the last 10 Minutes to search the key in the english version of the page, without success.

    See you later this day,


  3. Barry says:

    André: I know, I did waste 30 minutes too 😉

  4. av says:

    how did it work ?
    btw: the ‘investigation’ was for opening locks of posh cars without keys.

  5. Romstar says:

    I could have probably told you what that was when I saw it. Wish I had caught it earlier. I am not sure what sort of heating equipment you use it on there, but it used to be commonly known as a “steam valve” key. A similar style “key” was also used on several makes of older thermostats a long time ago.

    Police are funny that way I suppose. Always looking for the more difficult answer

  6. ben says:

    how does this tool work? i cant seem to figure it out? barry iam puzzled.

  7. Schuyler says:

    I’m thinking that is DIDN’T work. I could be wrong, but I believe the point is that the police found this, believing it to be some sort of burglary tool, when, in fact, it was just a steam valve key.

    If I’m wrong, I too am curious as to how this has been used to burgle.

  8. Barry says:

    Schuyler: You are right. They did not know what it was, they just suspected it to have something to do with car burglaries. It does look like a special tool, but as far as I know can only be used to clear air from a steam valve (or something like that).

  9. peter says:

    Hi guys if the key has a spring clip at the end looks like one to me the key on display could be used to turn mortice type keys left in the look by gripping the end of the key and allowing it to be turned in the past people have used the pins that fit into car door hinges with a lot of success
    hope this helps peter

  10. Barry says:

    Small update: I just learned the key type is part of a popular climate control system used in the shady world of industrial scale cannabis production ….

  11. Mike Walker says:

    I think i saw one of those once during an investigation – and i never knew what it could be used for…

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