Hong Kong Economic times about bumping

This Bump key story is getting a little out of hand. It just popped up in China! 

Headline: 80% locks can be opened by a special-made key.

PLC, one of the biggest local lock agencies, said that they learnt this 4
years ago in an international exhibition, but they tested the loophole until
last year. As the effect would be huge, they didn’t disclose it to the
public. The Hong Kong Locksmith Society said that 80% locks could be opened,
and the situation became worsen after this news is disclosed to the public.

In our test, our reporter, who had known nothing about lockpicking before,
successfully opened the first lock with a bump key in two minutes. This
method has shocked experts in the industry, because it required no
expertise, it leaves no clues that the lock was opened and the tool looks
like a normal key.

Barry Wels, chairman of Toool.nl in Netherlands, had described the
vulnerablity is one of the serious loophole in locks, but as it would affect
the interests of some locksmiths and lock companies, people tend to not to
discuss it.  In the tests conducted by Toool.nl, some police-certified locks
were opened with a bump key. (Image copyright Paul Boven)

5 Responses to “Hong Kong Economic times about bumping”

  1. martin says:

    your face poping up every where,barry the key getting famous,have fun

  2. El_Gorgon says:

    I didn´t see anything about bumping on tv or radio here in Spain,it seems that we´re the slower europeans learning thinks about locks….XDDD

  3. subflames says:

    I am please to hear this news spreading around even more though there has been on thing in the back of my mined…
    I know in a “normal lock” there are 2 pins the driver (the top pin) and the key pin (the bottom pin) but what if you were to add an extra driver pin so when bumped the extra pin would go into the spring and leaving the original driver and key pin in place which would make bumping no longer a problem
    Would this work… to prevent bumping or not? am I missing something big because it seems so simple… though its just a thought

  4. Jordyh says:

    Well, I’m interested in how the Chinese government will react to this, as they have a tendency to try to controll everything.
    They’re the first country that I would suspect of outlawing keys.

    One way or another Barry, it seems you are reaching a status among lockpickers, hackers and now even the public.

    Nice one.


  5. seanrox says:

    Barry does it again. You are definitely an international man of mystery 🙂

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