9 year old Peter … champion of the future …

“Hello my name is Peter, I am 9 year old and I have bumped open allllll
these locks. And now I am going to bump open this Mul-T-Lock(*), really
high security, bypass this combination lock and rake this Yale lock, 6 pins.”

Peter, nine years old

The video takes less then three minutes and is adorable and entertaining.
To be honest I do not know how genuine this video is. It looks right, but I
have never seen a Mul-T-Lock opened with the ‘pull one click back method’.
I don’t think it is a hoax, but you can not be too careful these days.

Martin, Peter’s dad, mailed me: Peter started picking and bumping after
watching bumping revisited, he has been doing it for a year now. I have
supply him with his bump keys and he brought his pick set. He can open
locks better than me sometimes a natural,his first lock was a yale
front door lock and his latest is the 7 pin multi t lock.


(*) update 25/10: As you can read in the comments I was right, it was not a Mul-T-lock.
However, footage is available where little Peter bumps open and bypasses a 7X7 Mul-T-Lock:



7 Responses to “9 year old Peter … champion of the future …”

  1. martin says:

    thanks barry,the pull back method works well for him,the lock he calls multi lock is actually a master lock with a dimple key the key looks the same,he can open a real multi 7 pin lock,his next video will show,well done peter,champion of the future.

  2. seanrox says:

    Wow! and only 9 years old.

    He bumped that heavy duty lock pretty fast. He’s probably the talk of his play ground at school 🙂

    I’ve seen the method he used on the combination lock but it was done on all the dials, not just one as seen in the video, so I’m a little puzzled on how he did this.

  3. martin says:

    seanrox, hello,the combination lock is being bypassed, in the video you can hear a tink that is the relese mech opening,the way you describe seeing this before with all the dials could be decoding to get the numbers,i will ask peter to make another video explaining what he is doing thank you for looking and thank you barry for putting on your blog.

  4. Barry says:

    Seanrox: The padlock trick is genuine. I have a cutaway model and can shoot some close up video to show you the trick. With the special feeler you simply lift the complete locking mechanism.

  5. seanrox says:

    Martin: Thank you for the follow up. The demo I saw wasn’t decoding the lock. A special tool was used to push down the sides of each dial. I don’t recall the name of the tool but I will find out and report back.

    Barry: Thanks for confirming the padlock trick is genuine.

    That would be great if you shot some video of this method on your cutaway lock. Your videos are always very detailed and help explain how things work.

  6. Martin K R says:

    I must say, I am very impressed by this 9 year old kid. WOW he could give some of the TOOOL members a run for their money. Even though I know the TOOL members are very talented when it comes to lockpicking. Thumbs up ! 🙂

  7. Bud Wiser says:

    Hi Barry, at first I thought it was a hoax, but after carefully revewing it a few times I could see this is for real. His dad is to be very proud of his boy! Excellent!