More keys to democracy (help needed!)

I previously mentioned the lousy keys that were used on our Dutch
Nedap voting computers. We found out the keys could be ordered on
various places on the internet for just about one euro each, and all
keys to operate the Nedap ES3B voting computers are the same.

Besides the Nedap company there is a second player on the Dutch voting
computer market: SDU. Their voting computers are called ‘newvote’ and
are more modern in comparison to the Nedap antiques. Little is known
about these devices except they are running an embedded windows
version (XP? NT?) and have a built-in wireless modem. Needless to say
this computer does not give us a warm fuzzy feeling. Their slick
advertisement video does not change this, on the contrary….

As far as we know the SDU newvote is fitted with three locks.

One of our informants handed us a photo of the keys to these locks.
Unfortunately the pictures you see below are not the best quality, but
we will have to live with that. And it is all we got to identify them
and find the manufacturer. Click on the images for a higher resolution.


SDU key 1 SDU key 2 SDU key 3

Key number one is an ‘important’ one. This ‘tubular key’ is used
by the head of the voting office and is labeled ‘control key’
(beheerssleutel). This key is important since it is necessary to start
the device. If you do not have this key the voting computer simply
does not work. It strongly reminds me of a lock one could open with
just a roll of toilet paper. It would not surprise me if the SDU
newvote lock could be opened just as easily. Unfortunately we will have
to wait till November 22 to find out (election day).

Key number two is needed to operate the machine. This key is
necessary to clear the machine after the vote is cast and is labeled
‘operator key’ (bedieningssleutel). The key is identified as a wafer
lock key for a four lever lock. Possible combination is ‘3-3-4-0’. It
is my impression this key operates a cheap and very simple lock that
could be bypassed with just a paperclip.

Key number three is already identified. This key is manufactured by a
company called EMKA, and probably the code of the key is ‘EK 333’.
These EMKA locks are well known in the computer server area and an
‘EK 333’ key is on its way to our office.

I would like to find out who manufactures the two unknown locks. Mind
you, they are electronic switch locks and probably both come from
the same manufacturer. On the locks themselves a three digit
number/code is stamped (unfortunately not well readable. see images below)

keys close uplock close upclose up

Of course there is a reward for the right answer… one big apple pie (old hack-tic tradition) …

2 Responses to “More keys to democracy (help needed!)”

  1. mikeymike says:

    hee barry

    die emka sleutel heb ik wel voor je das een standaard patchkast
    sleutel het wafer sleuteltje is volgens mij een las of l&f sleutel.


  2. marian says:

    Hi Berry, de advertisement video link van de Newvote stemcomputer gaat naar het buro wat hem heeft ontworpen… ze maken erg mooie dingen maar hebben volgens mij weinig te maken software e.d.