Abloy classic ‘key reader’

Abloy classic key reader

Above you see a so called ‘key reader’ for the Abloy classic system. If you insert a key and rotate it, you can read the depth of each individual cut as well as read the code number Abloy gave to it’s customer. It is common practice to ‘scramble’ these ‘customer numbers’ so the exact depth of the cuts can not easily be read from the factory code that is sometimes stamped into a key or printed on a ‘code card’. In the case of this classic abloy they used a static code that is pretty simple. All I did was insert a blank and turn it to 00000, 11111, 22222 etc to compile the following list:

disc        1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

depth 5  1 9 6 2 3 4 0 7 9 2
depth 4  8 2 4 3 1 2 9 6 5 8
depth 3  5 7 9 4 2 0 5 1 7 6
depth 2  4 1 5 6 7 1 2 9 3 0
depth 1  2 3 8 1 0 3 4 5 2 7
depth 0  6 0 2 7 9 6 8 4 1 1

Of course I tried this reader to check the code on the key I impressioned last week. It is funny to see there is a huge difference between the original key and the impressioned key. I guess the Abloy classic has got some pretty wide tolerances, or the reader can not cope well with the angles on my key.

After the Spanish impressioning course I will try to make impression a key with the help of this new tool…. and if time permits report back here about it …

4 Responses to “Abloy classic ‘key reader’”

  1. There is pretty wide tolerance for allowed keys in Abloy, but I think the main difference is that your impressioned lock has discs that have the center “drilled out” and this allows the filed key to be raised from the middle of the key. The raised part of the key however interacts with the key reader as it has no cutouts in the middle of the discs and thus gives “false” readings.

    I bet that if you change the “drilled” disc to an undrilled one and try to use the lock with the impressioned key, it will not work at all or works only sometimes.

    Have to see what sort of fuzz that code table does as it is like government secret here in Finland among the (Abloy certified) locksmiths 😀

  2. Bng says:

    Hi i got a lockbox with one of these keylocks on it. other than that is a button and the thing beeps when pressed..
    im not sure what its expecting me to do in combination to turning the key to open it.
    i have the key, its got a fresh battery in the box, i just need to find out how im supposed to open it. only label on the whole thing is on the key and the lock barrel. so i cant even google for the lockbox itself for info.any help would be awesome.

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