secure camlocks

(C) Han Fey 

We try to have constructive criticism when it comes to security in
general and voting computers in particular. But it is not easy. The
Nedaps simply do not offer any protection and can not ever be secured
if you ask me. When I wrote about the lousy locks that are used to
secure our Dutch Nedap voting computers I felt the need to at least
give them some advice on locks, although I realize it will never
improve the insecure box.

The best place to look for real secure locks is in places where the
lock is the only thing between the thief and money/valuables. In this
case we are looking for a rather small cam lock that can be equipped
with ‘switch function’.

Since they are the onces with most experience in the matter I always
take a very close look when visiting casino’s, payphones and jewelry
stores to see what kind of locks they use.In the Las Vegas
Casino’s we saw Medeco, ASSA Desmo and Miwa (Japanese magnetic lock)
being used. All outstanding locks. Abloy seems to be dominant in the
European payphone market, as well as for displays in jewelry stores.

more secure camlocks

Of course we also keep our eyes open for secure camlocks when visiting
trade shows like Aloa or the Security Messe in Essen (that starts tomorrow
and I will visit Wednesday).

In my opinion the following camlocks are secure against manipulation
and have a key that is not trivial to duplicate:

Abloy Protec camlock
ASSA Desmo
EVVA MCS camlock
Kaba camlock
Medeco Axial camlock
Miwa magnetic lock

To be honest I don’t know if these locks all standard can be delivered
as electronic switch locks. But since they need at least 10.000 pieces I
guess the manufacturer will gladly be of service to Nedap, Diebold or SDU.

I am running out of time so google for the lock specs yourself. Of
course we are interested what other camlocks you think are any good.
Feel free to post your thoughts.

9 Responses to “secure camlocks”

  1. Rainbow says:


    I would put the Australian BiLock on this list.

    But as I mentioned before, watch out that the debate over “voting with computers” doesn’t shift into “get better locks for our well-trusted voting machines”.

    Good luck 🙂

  2. Barry says:

    Rainbow: You are right, BiLock also makes nice and secure camlocks.
    I only have a couple of BiLocks in my collection and no camlocks.

    I did mention more then enough these machines are broken beyond repair now… right?

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Rainbow says:

    Barry: Sorry if that came over wrong: Yes, you did mention that theses machines are broken, and I highly appreciate the great work you did with your analysis, I really do. It just might be seductive for the people at Nedap to quote selectively and subtly change the topic of the debate to the repair of the machines, and an article like this could perhaps be used to establish the apperance that it’s just a question of choosing the right lock. I just wanted to remind of this possibility, as it would be sad after the big effort you’ve put into this analysis. I didn’t want to be a smart-ass 🙂

  4. Rainbow says:

    Evva 3KS and Evva Dual are also nice candidates for this list

  5. Billdeasethills says:

    I am a locksmith in Arizona (USA) Medeco makes a switchlock that would nicely. It is packaged in a kit so you can use it as a momentary, or off/on lock

  6. Gadget says:

    Just to confirm that an Abloy Protec keyswitch is available.

  7. Mogens Lund says:

    I am interested in new secure camlocks for use on gaming mashines i Denmark.
    will like to recive a cataloge and prize list.
    Ower adress :
    Elite Gaming A/S
    Randersvej 28
    6700 Esbjerg
    att. Mogens Lund

  8. big mike says:

    abloy makes 2 switch locks ………..but the biggest selection is from illinois duo {also sea switches makes gov’t grade switches for special app}


  9. douro20 says:

    I’d like to see Medeco make all of their locks with a horizontal keyway. It’s the only Medeco design I really like.

    Also, I’ve started to see quite a few Abloy locks on payphones here in the US.