Wired on Marc Tobias and picking/bumping Medeco locks


Wired on Medeco

Wired just came out with an interesting article on Marc Tobias (and Tobias Bluzmanis). It also contains great video of them picking and bumping Medeco locks (in as little as 9 seconds, not including selecting the correct side-setting key …). As I am in the middle of something else here, I keep this post short for now. Just go read the article now 😉

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  1. “Even if you’ve never heard of Tobias, you may know his work: He’s the guy who figured out how to steal your bike, unlock your front door, crack your gun lock, blow up your airplane, and hijack your mail.”

    No offence to Tobias, but the article writer has not had all the facts in my opinion. Sounds like “to steal your bike” refers to the Kryptonite problem, which was (what I remember) discovered by someone else.

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  3. Jean-Claude says:

    @Jaakko: We’re talking mainstream media here. I’m pretty sure Tobias’ mention of the Kryptonite problem was misconstrued by Wired’s staff.

  4. Jean-Claude says:

    As it is, if you read the article, the gist is Tobias’ “security through obscurity” is always a massive fail.

  5. mh says:

    The wired editor included the link to a 2004 article – http://www.wired.com/culture/lifestyle/news/2004/09/64987 , where they wrote: “[…] vulnerable Kryptonite locks […] The lock’s design was invented at least 50 years ago by Chicago Lock, said attorney and security consultant Mike Tobias, who claims to have first publicized the design’s vulnerability five weeks ago. In early August, Tobias’ website, Security.Org, claimed laptop security locks by Kensington Technology Group and Targus could be easily compromised with a pen or a toilet-paper tube. […] Tobias […] claims to be a veteran lock-and-security consultant who has worked for lock manufacturers, government agencies and law enforcement. […]”
    So it was more about stealing my laptop than my bike, but who cares… The toilet-paper roll trick was nice and funny, too 🙂

    Overall I think the article doesn’t contain any news, yet it’s another interesting insight into some folk’s thinking patterns and motivation.