Report: Dutch Open Impressioning Championship 2022

Jan-Willem wrote a report in the Dutch Open championship in Impressioning, held at LockCon 2022.
The report talks about the parts of the competition which are rarely discussed, like the bitting of the locks and the opening count of each lock. Hopefully this report is of use for anyone into competitive impressioning.

Our appreciation go to Abus for their generosity of sponsoring the competition locks and blanks.
Abus has sent us the locks for LockCon 2023, as well. Which is on Friday 13th of October.

3 Responses to “Report: Dutch Open Impressioning Championship 2022”

  1. […] Please see the Dutch Open Impressioning Championship 2022 report for more information on the competition. […]

  2. Chirael (Anthony) says:

    That’s a really nice write-up in the PDF; thank you for doing that!