Against voting computers

It is not only the lock industry that we upset from time to time.

Recently Rop Gonggrijp and myself decided to set up a campaign against
voting per black-box computer in The Netherlands. The campaign is
already a success. Instead of calling them ‘voting machines’ now
everybody is talking about ‘voting computers’. Because that is what
they are: computers. And we all know computers can make mistakes and
can be manipulated. So we want the paper ballots back!

We are retrieving documents from Dutch Government concerning voting
computers trough ‘WOB‘, the Dutch FOIA. Documents we have retrieved
are already on our site. It now seems the Dutch producer of Black-Box
voting computers SDU is unhappy about some of them. And they should be
because they clearly show voting per computer is more expensive and
less reliable. Introducing voting computers in Amsterdam was 1 million
euro more expensive compared to voting on paper ballots. A lousy 3
euro per vote extra for a completely non-transparent system.

But tough luck for them… The information remains on our site and
(worst of all) is generating a lot of publicity and awareness…


Our site is written fully in Dutch, including a comic by Koen
Hottentot. Even without understanding Dutch I think you will
like it and get the point.

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