logo contest (update)

As some of you might know I run a small 24/7 locksmith in the Amsterdam area called

The idea behind intact is to open locks, doors, cars and safes without damaging the lock. Basically I am being paid to practice in the field what I teach in my classes.

Truth is that at this moment not a whole lot of work is coming trough. And I outsource most of it since I simply do not have much time. logo contest

Never the less I decided I needed a good logo for this venue. Instead of annoying my standard logo designer I took another route: putting it for bid on 99 . So far there are three designs thar stick out.

Can you help me by selecting the logo you like for a locksmith that specializes in non-destructive entry?

*UPDATE: The designers listened to some of the input and created better versions. Please have another look.

Thanks in advance!

3 Responses to “ logo contest (update)”

  1. Ewout says:

    Done. Nice work, a site I will remember and might try to have some work done too.

  2. PSS says:

    Its a great way to create a good logo, do you have to pay to submit a design specification?

    I prefer the hands above and below design

  3. Willenhall says:

    Ronis have a VERY similar design to the vertical hands (no.1) logo, so i prob wouldn’t use that one.