LockCon site is up, information is available

It was hard work, but the LockCon site is up. Most information is available now, and we will update regularly.

So visit http://www.lockcon.com to find out more about the event ….

7 Responses to “LockCon site is up, information is available”

  1. Mitch Capper says:

    New site looks great makes it feel a lot more organized and professional to say the least!

  2. dosman says:

    I tried to send mail to registration at lockcon.com but it bounced. Thanks!

  3. henk says:

    I,ve had the same problem,:-(


  4. Barry says:

    The registration address works now 😉

  5. rukwind says:

    the “old” adress blackbag.toool.nl seems to link to http://www.blackbag.toool.nl, whick keeps on loading. i think it should link to just http://www.blackbag.toool.nl

  6. Barry says:

    rukwind: thanks. Fixed.

  7. Barry, did I understand correctly that I have to send the 150 EUR fee beforehand to some bank account and I will receive the payment details by mailing to registration@lockcon.com?

    Is there a deadline for the payments or is cash at the check-in the very last option? 🙂